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Katie Flood from Below Deck

It’s a small professional field in yachting.  It’s also a small dating pool too apparently.  Only a fellow yachtie will understand living and working in the industry, the fickle nature of it all and the lack of stability.  Most Below Deck alums that have found successful relationships have also reverted back to land life.  Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier is a prime example, as well as Amy Johnson, and Aesha Scott.

There are few natural loves that us Below Deck fans are aware of.  Perhaps only Captain Lee Rosbach and his “bride” is the only successful love story in this industry.  Otherwise, these folks either avoided love, or were left heartbroken.  Now, one pairing that fizzled out after Season 4 is coming up again because of the above-mentioned limited dating pool.

Sonja Morgan Luann de Lesseps Ramona Singer

Alliances shift each season on Real Housewives, and while the dynamic between the core group of cast member on the Real Housewives of New York remains relatively unchanged, new cast members have a way of shifting friendships as well.  The relationship between Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, and Ramona Singer is ancient history, they fight and make up just as quickly.  There is genuine love there, despite their quirks.

But sometimes it takes an outside lens to shape these relationships for the better.  Eboni K. Williams observed these ladies in action, Luann and Sonja at each other’s throats one minute, then embracing the next.  Sonja gets labeled a one night stand often, and Eboni decided to guide Sonja on a path of self-worth and valuation.  Her reaction was appreciative and very moved.

Captain Sandy Yawn

Below Deck Mediterranean fans may not always like the drama that Captain Sandy Yawn brings to the show.  She can be abrasive and has a particular management style that doesn’t always inspire confidence within her crew, but what Sandy has accomplished in her professional life is undeniably admirable.

Sandy is at the top of her field in a male dominated industry.  She’s the captain of a super yacht cruising the Mediterranean year after year.  And when Sandy sees potential in a member of her crew, she is ready to nurture their career advancement.  She took Joao Franco under her wing in Season 4, followed by Malia White who is on her second season as Bosun.  Sandy is definitely enthusiastic for the advancement of women in all ways, and that includes spreading knowledge about health issues.

Captain Sandy Yawn

It’s a matter of some debate whether the series of events leading up to Tom Checketts working on the same yacht as his then girlfriend Malia White were circumstantial or premeditated.  Both Tom and Malia worked in the industry and hadn’t seen each other in some time.  Tom just happened to be available when Captain Sandy Yawn fired Kiko Lorran, and was her first choice in replacing gentle Kiko, who was fired in the middle of dinner service and generally humiliated.

But as it turned out, just having Tom on board wasn’t enough.  Malia wanted to switch cabins and put two warring egos into one confined space.  When Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier refused to room with Bugsy Drake, Malia reported Hannah’s valium and CBD pen to Captain Sandy, though she had prior knowledge of these items.  Sandy fired Hannah, promoted Bugsy, and Malia got easy access to Tom.  Sandy even announced the new bunking arrangement over the radio.

Malia White Below Deck Mediterranean

Traveling the world is one of the biggest appeals of working in yachting.  How glorious to be paid to explore new locations!  And all us Below Deck viewers swoon over the views, whether it’s in the Mediterranean, Tahiti, or the Bahamas.

We know enough from watching Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht that boat crews can take advantage of their location when they’re not working.  And without a production team in tow, trying to tempt them with alcohol and bad decisions, a normal boat crew have many options regarding sight-seeing on their days off.

Katie Flood Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean seems plagued by chef mishaps.  Never have they ever had stable situation in the galley, except perhaps for Adam Glick Ben Robinson worked the premiere season but did the franchise a huge disservice by returning to land-life.  There was steak-licker and Putin hardliner Mila Kolomeitseva Kiko Lorran did a fine job, but one mishap left him traumatized and also fired by Captain Sandy YawnTom Checketts cooked very well, but prefaced each meal with a tantrum.

Love her or hate her, but Captain Sandy has earned the right to an amazing chef.  She helped cook the first dinner for gosh sakes.  In fact, the whole crew had to get involved after Chef Mathew Shea went to hospital due to a knee injury.  One that could have been prevented, by the way, if he hadn’t ordered a LITERAL TRUCK LOAD of provisions for the first charter.  That’s over-compensation for your own anxiety Mathew.

Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn

What is it about Captain Sandy Yawn and Below Deck Mediterranean chefs?  Or chief stews for that matter.  Though, Sandy seems much happier with Katie Flood taking over for Hannah Ferrier this season.  But as for drama in the galley, well it’s either that Bravo sends one incompetent chef after another or Sandy is the common denominator.

Sandy drove Kiko Lorran, a perfectly respectable chef, to tears and hovered over an already high-strung Tom Checketts.  She berated Ben Robinson when dinner was served cold without dealing with the real issue; a faulty stove.  Now, there’s Mathew Shea, who ran himself ragged with anxiety and an inflamed knee.  He ducked out of his duties on the first day of charter one.  Not a bright start, but perhaps Mathew deserves the benefit of the doubt.  Katie had good things to say about him by the end of the season.  Sandy, on the other hand, did not.  But what’s the truth?  Is Mathew as bad as Sandy says or is her hyperbole sullying the name of another good chef?

Bethenny Frankel Watch What Happens Live

Bethenny Frankel is one Bravo-lebrity that gets her hands dirty to aid those in need.  Those that run in her social circles may view charity work as a fancy fundraiser or a black-tie dinner.  But Bethenny actively organizes and dispenses necessities, traveling to the location of disaster and being the face on the ground.

B Strong: Disaster Relief is the organization Bethenny founded.  Its first mission was to provide relief in Houston, Texas after Hurricane Harvey touched down in 2017.  Then a highly publicized trip to Puerto Rico which was filmed for Real Housewives of New York when Bethenny was still on the show.  Now, the foundation is focused on helping families affected by the Champlain Towers collapse in Surfside Florida.