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Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn

Once the Below Deck Franchise expanded into three separate show, it was inevitable to start comparing and contrasting the crew, especially the captains.  Below Deck still has its original Captain Lee Rosbach, the one that set the tone for the entire series.  Below Deck Mediterranean boasted Captain Sandy Yawn as the first female captain that has a tendency for bad luck in the galley.  The relatively laid back atmosphere on Below Deck Sailing Yacht was a welcome change with the addition of Captain Glenn Shephard.

Ultimately, the captain dictates the environment on board.  And while some captains have actually dealt with the same scenarios, like charter guests with drugs on board,  sometimes one can only speculate about what they would have done in the same situation.

Carolina BermudezFor those viewers enjoying the cast mix on the Real Housewives of New York, know that producers are looking to shake things up more next season.  With a core group that was untouched for almost seven seasons, change was arguably needed.  Dorinda Medley, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, and Luann de Lesseps were together since Season 7.  And the rotation of supporting cast members that included Bethenny Frankel, Tinsley Mortimer, and Carole Radziwell, provided shifting drama and story lines.

This formula worked until Tinsley left RHONY to follow Scott Kluth to ChicagoDorinda was left wanting for a target for her misguided anger and starting lashing out at the rest of the cast.  Unable to take responsibility or resolve any issues during the reunion, Dorinda was axed from the show.  Her departure provided an opportunity to reshape the dynamic of RHONY.  Producers added Eboni K. Williams to the Season 13 cast and her presence is a welcome change to a very homogeneous group.  Eboni brought diversity of heritage, thought, opinion, perspective and culture.  Now, Bravo producers are looking to include another woman of color to RHONY with the potential hiring of a Latina radio host.

Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy YawnIt wouldn’t be reality TV if there wasn’t conflict, whether it’s fabricated by production or not.  And Below Deck Mediterranean is the irresistible mix of work/life relationships happening in tight quarters. Even more so now with coronavirus restrictions limiting movement of both charter guests and crew off the boat.  The crew are together 24/7 in a highly stressful industry, and the results give us fans some premium reality TV fodder.

Drama will happen. And with Hannah Ferrier enjoying land-life, Captain Sandy Yawn needs a new target this season.  Katie Flood will have to up her table decor game for sure .  Usually Sandy is micromanaging in the galley, so chef Mathew Shea will be on her radar as well. But the fight teased during the Season 6 trailer is the first major professional issue Sandy has had with her protege, Bosun Malia White.  

Vicki Gunvalson Doesn’t Get Why Shannon Beador Is Still On Real Housewives Of Orange County; Slams Shannon As Difficult To Work With

Shannon Beador was always difficult to watch for some Real Housewives of Orange County fans.  Shrill, uptight, and defensive from day one.  At first, it could have been blamed on an unhappy marriage to David Beador.  But once the two split-up, and Shannon was finally representing herself, RHOC viewers could see that David only influenced her behavior so much.  Shannon is just…..Shannon.  Shrill, up tight, and defensive.

Even her participation with the Tres Amigas could only spare viewers for so long.  When Vicki Gunvalson left the show after fourteen seasons, it disbanded the friendship between herself, Shannon, and Tamra Judge.  Their drunken rampages were the only watchable moments for Shannon.  Now, we have cringe-worthy moments with new love John Janssen.  Not that Vicki was any better.  Her relationship with Brooks Ayers  brought her to her lowest point by engaging her in a cancer scam.  But once Brooks slithered off, Vicki was still….Vicki.  Now she is whooping it up with Steve Lodge.  And even though she’s left the show, Vicki is ready to give her opinion about the remaining cast.  Namely, her old friend Shannon.

Katie Flood Below Deck Mediterranean

The biggest cast shake-up on Below Deck Mediterranean happened last season when OG Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier was fired.  Captain Sandy Yawn, at the behest of “maritime” law terminated Hannah for failing to register her prescriptions medications.  Bosun Malia White found valium and a CBD pen in Hannah’s belongings, then waited for a perfect opportunity to report them to Captain Sandy.  Bugsy Drake, who returned to fill in as second stew, replaced Hannah.

Now, with Season 6 to premiere shortly, fans are anticipating what to expect from a new Chief Stew.  Hannah was with the show since it premiered, and what would we do without our chain-smoking, underwhelming table-setting, job-hating Hannah?  Love her or hate her, she was a show staple.  Much like Kate Chastain on Below Deck.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

No one would fault at Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie for being apprehensive about joining the group.  These ladies are a strong bunch of personalities and their reputations for drama and conflict is well documented.  Even if you don’t watch the show, there’s enough tabloid fodder on each and every RHOBH cast mate to formulate an opinion.

These ladies are Beverly Hills veterans.  Lisa Rinna and Garcelle Beauvais have worked in the entertainment industry for decades.  Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton were in tabloids for years by proxy of Paris HiltonErika Jayne has a persona and an alter ego that proceeds her wherever she goes.  Dorit Kemsley has been on the show long enough to have some context about her character.  Finally, Sutton Stracke.  Well, Sutton is certainly making herself known now.


Hannah Ferrier

You can take Hannah Ferrier off the yacht, but you can’t take the snark out of the girl.  The former Below Deck Mediterranean Chief Stew was terminated after five seasons on the show for alleged valium and CBD use during charter.  While fans were divided on whether the termination was warranted or not, most agree that Bosun Malia White manipulated the situation by reporting Hannah’s prescriptions only when she wanted to change bunk arrangements.

But Malia was not the only one with whom Hannah had unresolved issues.  Bugsy Drake was reinstated as second stew shortly before Hannah’s departure.  The two did not get along after working together on a prior season, and Hannah’s guard was up the whole time.  And finally there’s Captain Sandy Yawn.  Sandy not only fired Hannah and promoted Bugsy, but terrorized her tablescaping and management style for years.  Some fans speculated that the three colluded to depose Hannah’s reign as OG Chief Stew.  During the Season Five Reunion, Hannah sipped from a “I Need A Valium” mug.  Nothing was resolved from that confrontation, and based on her new business venture, it’s clear that Hannah is not over it yet.

Below Deck Dani Soares

One of the biggest dramas of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 happened after filming wrapped.  Sure we got the usual mix of hookups, workplace conflict, hookups, cooking disasters, drama, and of course a boat-mance.  But after Second Stew Dani Soares revealed a pregnancy with an unnamed father, speculation went into overdrive.  Who was the father of her child?

Of course Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans immediately suspected it was Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux.  He and Dani were hooking up for most of the season and the two walked off into the sunset together when the charter season ended.  Though the two are not currently together, the timing of baby Lilly’s birth points to an end of summer conception.  I.E. end of charter season.  However, the need to speculate has seemingly come to an end.  But that depends on which cast member you ask.