Bristol Palin

Also Known As: Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin • Born: 10/18/1990

Bristol Palin, born on October 18, 1990, in Wasilla, Alaska, has carved her niche in the entertainment world as a television personality and public speaker. She rose to prominence as a cast member on the reality TV show “Teen Mom OG,” where she shared her journey as a young mother. Bristol’s candid and relatable approach endeared her to audiences, making her a recognizable figure in the realm of reality television. Beyond her TV ventures, Bristol is known for her advocacy work on teen pregnancy prevention, utilizing her personal experiences to empower and educate others. A notable figure in the political sphere, Bristol is the daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, adding a layer of public interest to her life.

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Advocacy Role

Bristol Palin actively engages in teen pregnancy prevention advocacy, drawing from her personal experiences to empower and educate others about responsible choices.

Political Ties

As the daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Bristol brings a unique political connection to her public image, adding intrigue to her role in the entertainment world.

Dance Journey

Bristol showcased her dancing skills on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” proving her versatility by stepping outside her comfort zone and embracing the challenge of a different spotlight.

Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)

Nationality: American

Show(s): Teen Mom, Dancing with the Stars

Network(s): MTV, ABC

Guest Appearances: Life’s a Tripp

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Children: Tripp Johnston, Sailor Palin, Atlee Meyer

Father: Todd Palin

Mother: Sarah Palin

Siblings: Track Palin, Willow Palin, Piper Palin

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