Joe Anglim

Also Known As: Joe Anglim • Born: 09/30/1989

Joe Anglim, an adventurous and charismatic personality, has left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry as a reality TV star. Born on September 30, 1989, in Chandler, Arizona, he first captivated audiences as a contestant on the hit reality series, “Survivor.” Joe’s remarkable physical prowess and strategic gameplay made him a standout fan favorite. Beyond the confines of reality TV, Joe is an artist known for his creative endeavors, including custom jewelry design and fine art. His artistic flair adds another dimension to his diverse talents. Joe’s journey in the world of entertainment also includes appearances on “Survivor: Cambodia” and “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” showcasing his resilience and adaptability.

Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Artistic Talents

Joe Anglim is not just a reality TV star; he is also a skilled artist known for custom jewelry design and fine art, showcasing his creativity beyond the screen.

Survivor Standout

Joe’s physical prowess and strategic gameplay made him a fan favorite on Survivor, with appearances on Survivor: Worlds Apart, Survivor: Cambodia, etc.

Family Man

Joe is a devoted family man. He is married to Sierra Dawn Anglim, a fellow Survivor contestant, and they share a son named Daxton Joseph Anglim.

Height: 6’3” (191 cm)

Nationality: American

Show(s): Survivor

Network(s): CBS

Guest Appearances: N/A

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Children: Della Dawn, Vander Joseph

Father: Pat Anglim

Mother: Michelle Anglim

Siblings: Michelle Anglim, Marcella Anglim, Sienna Anglim

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