Rami Kashou

Also Known As: Rami Kashou • Born: 5/11/1976

Rami Kashou, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, has left an indelible mark as a talented fashion designer and TV personality. Born on May 11, 1976, in Jerusalem, Israel, Rami later moved to the United States to pursue his passion for fashion. He gained widespread recognition as a finalist on the fourth season of the hit reality show “Project Runway” in 2007, showcasing his exquisite design skills and creativity. In addition to his reality TV success, Rami has established himself as a renowned fashion designer, known for his elegant and innovative designs. His work reflects a fusion of cultural influences, combining Middle Eastern aesthetics with contemporary fashion. Rami has dressed numerous celebrities and made a name for himself in the competitive world of haute couture.

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Exceptional Fashion Achievements

Rami Kashou is celebrated for his exceptional contributions to the fashion industry. His designs, characterized by elegance and cultural richness, have garnered acclaim from both critics and clients alike.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Beyond his television stint, Rami has ventured into the business side of fashion, establishing himself as an entrepreneur in the industry. His clothing lines showcase his commitment to quality and style.

Cross-Cultural Inspiration

Inspired by his multicultural background, Rami infuses diverse elements into his designs, creating pieces that transcend borders and celebrate the richness of global fashion influences.

Height: 5’10” (177 cm)

Nationality: Israeli-American

Show(s): Project Runway

Network(s): Bravo

Guest Appearances: Fashion File

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Children: N/A

Father: N/A

Mother: Jacqueline Kashou

Siblings: N/A

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