Evelyn Chad Divorce

Evelyn Lozada has the unique distinction of having the shortest marriage in reality TV history. She's even beat out the illustrious record set by Kim Kardashian. Of course, Evelyn has a much better reason for her divorce from Chad Johnson than Kim ever did. Not only was Chad abusive towards Evelyn, she also caught him cheating mere weeks after their million dollar wedding which was also filmed for their now canceled spinoff Ev & Ocho

Evelyn and Chad quickly divorced but the Basketball Wives star reveals that she's having trouble moving on and is left with lingering questions about what led her husband to cheat. 

"I haven't spoken to Chad, we can't – we have a 'no contact' clause, but I hear things," Evelyn shares with RadarOnline. "I moved out, I took my clothes and I never looked back. I never went back to the house to pack my stuff, I had someone pack it, and I pretty much moved on with my life."


I think we all knew this was going to happen. Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada filed for divorce from Chad Johnson this afternoon.

Evelyn filed divorce papers in Florida today, stating that her marriage to the NFL player was irretrievably broken after she found a receipt for condoms and the argument that followed became physical, with her being treated for facial lacerations.  I guess there’s no box to check for “head butting a$$hole showed his true colors”?   According to TMZ, it should be a quick divorce since they were married for only about 6 weeks and they signed a prenup.

So, by my count (which could be off, it has been a long day!) – 42 days?  Do you think Kris Jenner is fuming that Evelyn just stole the shortest reality TV marriage crown from her Kimmie?   I shouldn’t make light of it because the reason behind Evelyn’s divorce is MUCH different than Kim’s.