Big Brother 12

Bringing you the week 8 spoilers in the Big Brother house.

Thursday night brought us Ragan’s eviction. Though he was able to figure out the Brigade alliance, it was simply too late for him, as losing the POV competition to Enzo all but sealed his faith.

The live episode ended with the Big Brother house-guests playing a new HOH competition. In this week’s spoilers, find out the new HOH, their nominees, and the POV winner who will determine the HG to go home on Thursday.


The new HOH winner is Hayden.

Hayden nominated Lane and Britney for eviction, but as we all know, the noms mean nothing, as the POV winner determines who goes home this week.

Hadyen won the POV yesterday, and he and his other Brigade members, Enzo and Lane, decided to tell Britney about their alliance.

Britney seemed a bit surprised and eventually started crying upon realizing she will likely be going home this week. Britney asked Hayden if he will be using the POV to save her, and Hayden told her no.

So with Britney and Lane on the block, Enzo will get to evict one of them come Thursday. As of the moment, the plan is to evict Britney.

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