Last night on Celebrity Apprentice, we discovered Nene Leakes continues to remain the most unaware person on earth, Hope Dworaczyk continues to slide under the radar, Gary Busey returned to the show through a reincarnation via the Meat Loaf, and oh yeah, Star Jones is definitely playing the game! So let the games begin.

The task was to have each group create 4 pages of ads for the Trump Hotels. Star stepped up to manage the women’s team since she’s been living the life of lux all her life, while John Rich volunteered to be the men’s PM since nobody else would.

Nene suffered another mild emotional breakdown and played victim yet again when she simply couldn’t understand why La Toya Jackson would tell Donald Trump she wanted to keep in touch with everyone on their team except her.

“I cannot understand what I”ve done to her personally for her to say that,” said the Nene. Seriously, she did… days after verbally attacking La Toya by calling her Casper and stating she was only famous because of her last name. Surreal. The Nene is starting to give me Kelly Kirazy Bensimon. La Toya stands her ground stating she simply told Trump how she felt. Star gets involved and has the ladies talk things out, which might have been a bad strategy on her part. Nene, probably realizing just how important La Toya’s last name is, says she wants to be friends and La Toya extends an olive branch.

“La Toya explaining herself to me today helped me understand her more. I understand that she has issues,” said the Nene after the two make up. La Toya even goes on to give her a hug. Oh Toya, she doesn’t deserve it.

Star goes on to delegate all most of the work to each of the ladies and underneath that 9-year-old voice of La Toya’s is actually a pretty intelligent woman as she brilliantly points out Star’s strategy to have each of the ladies take on a photo shoot is so that when something fails, they all take the fall and she walks scot-free. Following some prep work, a prolonged infomercial for Ivanka Jewelry, and some maybe passes by Trump Jr. to the Playmate, the photo shoot begins for the women’s team.

Things aren’t going much smoother for the men’s team as they are now down to 3 and are forced to multi-task. The men begin putting their heads together and low and behold! Gary Busey is back with his nonsensical ideas and rambli… Oh never mind, that’s just Meat Loaf taking his role this week.

Both teams complete their projects and the folks from Trump decide all the ads sucked were not up to par with their brand, before declaring a loser and no winner. Somehow, the men’s team was able to pull out a win despite their spelling errors and failure to list a “call to action” on their ads (no website address or phone number). Seriously, isn’t that the whole point of an ad? I’m still puzzled as to how the men’s team could have won until I realize the show is all about ratings and quite frankly, having the women duke it out in the boardroom brings the drama numbers! And as we later learn, La Toya’s elimination this week spills onto more drama for the upcoming episode.

So Star brings the Nene and La Toya into the boardroom. Star admits she brought Nene so that she could help her send La Toya packing. In the boardroom, La Toya actually makes some valid points when she states Star has been very involved with most of the tasks the women’s team have lost. If Nene knew how to play the game, she would have joined La Toya and tried to get rid of Star but she didn’t because that would involve using her brain rather than yelling.

Nene is not happy and feels used by Star. And for some odd reason, La Toya is still happy to be the Nene’s friend following her elimination despite Nene repeatedly telling Trump she was the weakest link. And I ask, why was La Toya okay with Nene but not Star? Nene made things personal with her just days earlier (the challenges occur every few days in real life) while Star kept it strictly business and never called her out of her name.

I found this new friendship between the Nene and La Toya quite absurd. It seemed more to me like La Toya was kissing the Nene’s butt so she wouldn’t be on the receiving end of one of her bullying tantrums in the future and Nene, who wants to be an entertainment reporter, was kissing La Toya’s butt for some future connects. So now, Nene feels Star came in between her and her new BFF, and next week, we will finally get to see the big showdown between Star and Nene. You know, the one which led to Star getting a bodyguard to protect her from the Nene’s wrath. If only Kim Zolciak was so lucky.


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