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Things continue to heat up in the Big Brother 13 house with Kalia as the new HOH!

In what seems to be the worst case scenario for the Veteran alliance, Kalia, who is working with Danielle, is now in power. Will she nominate the Vets? Or one of the floaters? The spoilers are below!



Immediately following Kalia’s win, the Vets (Jeff/Jordan/Rachel) were of course in bad spirits especially Rachel who wanted to win for her man Brendon.  The three are also becoming suspicious of Sneaky Snake Shelly and questioning if she’s playing all sides.

Rachel went up to Kalia to try to make a deal but Kalia just told her she would talk to her the next day. Following the have nots competition, Jordan, who became a have not, had a bit of a breakdown as she felt it’s just her, Rachel and Jeff left in her alliance and the others are just coasting by.

Before the nominations, Jeff and Jordan went to Kalia who told them she was nominating Jeff. The two were none too happy. Jordan got loud and Jeff threatened Kalia, stating if he gets voted out and is able to come back in (with the twist), he will definitely come after Kalia. Kalia seemed a bit surprised by their reaction.

Kalia nominated Jeff and Rachel.  Following the noms, Rachel also had a minor breakdown during which she felt she had no chance of winning the game because she would be nominated every week. Jordan comforted Rachel. And back in the HOH room, Kalia was also crying as she felt Jeff and Jordan tried to bully her earlier.

Jeff then confronted Shelly about playing all sides. She of course denied it and started crying later. Jeff eventually apologized.

The POV was just played moments ago and Jeff won! Should make things rather interesting.  At the moment, it appears Kalia doesn’t want to put up Jordan as a replacement.

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