On last night’s Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska decides to give jackleg Adam Lind YET ANOTHER chance, Kailyn Lowry finds herself worrying about making ends meet (and she’s the only responsible one!) and Jenelle Evans ends up living in her car with deadbeat boyfriend Kieffer Delp. Don’t these girls make bank for doing this show? Or at least enough to pay rent? It’s depressing to watch, much less recap, but I Just. Can’t. Turn. Away.

Kailyn is feeling the strain of living with her mother and her boyfriend. She shares a note with her friend that she received from said boyfriend after coming in late from work (yes, work… does he realize it could be MUCH worse?). Kailyn is extremely hurt that her mom is turning the other cheek while she works hard and attends school full time. Kailyn is ready to get her own place and cut all ties. I will say her mother has always rubbed me the wrong way.


Speaking of living arrangements, Jenelle and Kieffer are living in her tiny car (YES!), and Jenelle is bothered that he’s drinking again. She calls a friend in hopes of bumming a shower for the twosome. I have to give it to Jenelle’s friend, Amber, she seems to want to see Jenelle succeed. Honestly though, Amber just needs to shake Jenelle and not let nasty Kieffer bathe at her place. Jenelle reveals that she’s already failed one of her classes.

Always the romantic, Adam has Facebooked Chelsea looking for a reconciliation. Sadly, Adam will have to wait because Chelsea has re-injured her ACL, rendering her unable to get around. Her mother comes to her rescue and they go to the emergency room. As Chelsea hobbles to the car, she worries she’ll have to have a second surgery. I guess Adam will have to keep refreshing his Facebook page for her response.

Working in the dentist’s office has proven to be a positive experience for Leah. She must take a day off to take baby Ali to the eye doctor for a follow-up appointment. While Corey is more supportive, Leah is scared about what the doctor will have to report. Both parents seem very worried about their daughter. There is so much uncertainty with her condition, and Leah cries while Corey tries to soothe her.

At the ER, Chelsea learns she will probably need to have surgery on her knee again. She is worried about her ability to take care of Aubree while she recovers. Then, Chelsea waxes poetic about how Adam must care about her due to the abundance of Facebook messages, her mother and sister plead with her to make good decisions… ones that clearly don’t involve Adam. Adam brings Aubree over, promising to help her even more with their daughter (how nice) during her recovery.

Kailyn is juggling school and work while trying to ignore her mother’s boyfriend’s note. She meets up with her boyfriend Jordan to discuss the game plan. Sidebar, Kailyn is rocking a serious bumpit in her hair. Kudos! The couple have a not at all scripted conversation about how other teen moms make ends meet in similar situations. Kailyn’s pride won’t allow her to go on welfare.

After freshening up at Amber’s, Jenelle wants to head to the library to catch up on the classes she’s not failing. Kieffer doesn’t want to go along, instead he wants to go gamble… and trust me, folks, it took me three rewinds and re-reading his subtitles to figure out his plan. Poor Amber just looks on as her friend bows down to the jerk she’s supporting.

Leah takes Ali to the eye doctor, and gracious that baby is so precious in those glasses! Her twin cries as her sister is examined and the doctor wants to schedule an MRI to see if there are any issues with her brain. Ali’s glasses have corrected her eye problems, but he wants to err on the side of caution.

Because she is very responsible (seriously, can we get her a gig as executive producer on this show?), Kailyn meets with a woman from a non-profit that helps teen moms get on their feet. The program sounds promising and Kailyn asks all the right questions.

Chelsea approaches her friend about Adam’s plea to get back together… and her friend gives her the SAME response as everyone else. Why does she want to keep going through this destructive cycle? I don’t know why Chelsea even asks people for advice because none of them support her decision yet she’s already made up her mind. Her friend promises to be there — yet again — when Adam breaks her heart next time.

At the library, Jenelle is so consumed with Kieffer she has a hard time focusing on her studies. When she picks him up, he’s a total a$$, and accuses her of being a bitch to him the last few days. Um, what girl wouldn’t be? They have been living in a Honda Civic for 48+ hours! Ladies, am I right, or am I right? That situation would make even the most normal of couples fall apart… not to mention those kind of close quarters only happen on Amazing Race, where there is a cash prize involved. Kieffer needs to go directly to jail… do not pass go, and do not collect Jenelle’s last dime two hundred dollars. Amber is so confused as to how Jenelle can continue to put up with Kieffer’s negative, passive aggressive ways. Logically, Jenelle seems to know the right decision, but I’m pretty positive she’s not going to make it.

Chelsea goes to visit her father determined not to tell him plans to reconnect with Adam. Her dad is quick to recognize that Chelsea has re-friended Adam on Facebook. Chelsea whines and talks like a sixth grader while trying to explain to her father that she “liiikes him” and “Aubree’s waaaay happier” when they are together. Sure. Chelsea’s dad needs a medal.

When Corey returns from work, Leah fills him in on Ali’s doctor’s appointment. While it’s a blessing that she no longer needs eye surgery, both are worried about the MRI to investigate her smaller than normal optic nerve. The young parents try to wrap their heads around what lies in store for their daughter.

Kailyn is meeting up with a counselor from the program to look at apartments. She has yet to confront her mother about the note. After a quick tour, Kailyn is ready to move into a new place for her and Isaac. Meanwhile, Jenelle picks up Kieffer and his six pack to go bowling with some friends. Ben Pink Shirt (a.k.a. Amber’s boyfriend) is way over the pair’s arguing and Jenelle won’t budge on her stance regarding Kieffer’s drinking.

Kieffer chugs in front of her and throws a water bottle/Pink Shirt’s car change receptacle at him. The duo gets into an altercation, and he aggressively forces her back into the car while she sobs. Pink Shirt just wants his change back! Amber sits in silence. Jenelle goes running from the vehicle as Kieffer tries to calm her while enveloping her in a forced bear hug. It’s seriously like a scene from a Lifetime movie. I want to reach through my television and slap them both… though some would argue that makes me no better.

Chelsea is in lurve… because Adam comes by most days to check on her. That’s love, y’all! Her GED studying is non-existent and Adam immediately tries to put a wedge between Chelsea and her father by talking about how mean he is. How very textbook of him to try to create a divide between Chelsea and her family. Elsewhere, Alleah takes her first two steps as Corey and Leah look on proudly. The couple learns that Ali’s small optic nerve diagnosis could lead to loss of eyesight. This show is heartbreaking. Truly.

Next week, Kailyn moves out of her mom’s on the sly and Jenelle presses charges against Kieffer. Leah and Corey deal with Ali’s health issues, and Adam proves to be the same-old, same-old jerk when Chelsea heads into surgery.


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