More troubling news to report about another Teen Mom 2 star.

According to the latest issue of Star Magazine, 20-year-old Chelsea Houska, who has managed to remain relatively scandal-free if you ignore that troubled douche she calls a baby daddy, has a major pill-popping problem.

“Chelsea pops pills that aren’t prescribed to her and abuses the ones that are,” a source close to the MTV reality star tells Star. “She pops pills like I’ve never seen before.”

The source reveals Chelsea gets Ambien, which she is not prescribed, from a friend who offers the tablets freely. As if that isn’t bad enough, “Chelsea drinks every night,” the source adds of Chelsea mixing her pills with alcohol. “Sometimes she’ll take the pills while [daughter] Aubree is still awake. Then when Aubree goes to sleep, she’ll drink wine or whatever.”

The source also states that Chelsea’s pill popping is now having a negative effect on her daughter. “They can make her very impatient and frustrated with Aubree.”

Chelsea reportedly feels invisible about her alleged bad habits. “I’m sure she knows taking these pills and drinking is dangerous,” the source admits. “She just thinks that nothing is going to happen to her.”

Chelsea is of course denying the report, taking to her twitter to say “good thing outlets like @star_news (star mag)& @hollywoodlife have “accurate” sources that tell them false stories abt me, nice research work:/”

[Photo Credit: INF Photos]


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