For those of you who thought the dramatic antics of a one Taylor Armstrong on RHOBH couldn’t get any worse, think again.  Last season she really started her downward spiral, but it seems to be continuing as the ladies film the third installment of the hit Bravo show.  Taylor’s drinking was out of control as she struggled with her marital problems with Russell, but now that he’s committed suicide, her issues seem to have escalated.  Of course, in reality world, that means impromptu intervention!

A Bravo source tells, “The entire cast will be filming together this week and the plan is for the ladies to confront Taylor about her growing dependence on alcohol. It will be the first time that the cast will be together since Portia’s birthday party when Taylor got obscenely drunk. It was very alarming and distressing for Kyle [Richards], Kim [Richards], and the other ladies to see. It struck a chord in particular with Kim who was recently released from rehab, and she is extremely concerned for Taylor, everyone is. The cameras will be rolling when the ladies express their concern for Taylor’s drinking, the latest incident with her getting drunk at a little girl’s birthday party was the last straw, especially because Taylor’s daughter, Kennedy was also at the party and saw her mother in that state.”


With Taylor desperate to remain on the show, and many viewers desperate to see her go, could her drinking problem interfere with her Bravo paycheck?  “[T]his is absolutely going to be the platform for Taylor to leave the show because of her dependence on alcohol,” the insider reveals.  “Bravo can’t go through another round of negative publicity like they endured when Russell Armstrong committed suicide last summer.”  Harsh reality?  I think so.

And speaking of harsh, Brandi Glanville had some pretty nasty things to say to mom-to-be Giuliana Rancic after Giuliana referred to her as being a tad off her rocker.  The Fashion Police host was talking to her co-stars about Beverly Hills’ newest addition and joked, “I use to totally poo-poo [Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes’] relationship, and then I watched his ex-wife on the Real Housewives. She is nuts.”  Okay, not the nicest comment, I’ll admit.

Brandi couldn’t take that lying down (there’s a joke there somewhere), and tweeted, “It’s sad cuz I’ve been rooting 4her through illness. Hopefully her man doesn’t leave her & give her surrogate baby to a bonus mom.”  Wow.  I really don’t know what to say about that.  After putting that out into cyberspace, Brandi quickly deleted that nasty little morsel, but she remained true to her original rant in other tweets.  Check those gems out below!

Oh Brandi, WWLVD?  The ever-classy Lisa Vanderpump would never indulge in such ridiculousness.  Just remember that next time you feel the need to tweet sans filter!  If all of this wasn’t enough, I have saved the best for last.  If you’re feeling froggy today, please click on the link below to enjoy Dana Wilkey’s first musical (??) endeavor.

Her song (??) “Twenty-five Thousand” debuted on Ryan Seacrest’s show on Monday, with the sometimes Bev Hills cast mate telling the host, “I feel like it’s now become a pop culture funny thing that happened on the show and I wanted people to know that I am laughing at myself as much as they’re laughing at me.”

A sample of the thought-provoking lyrics?  “I’ve got money to burn, I’m single and I’m naughty. Tiffany’s, Cartier, Gucci, Armani…break out your black card, boys…it’s time to party, I’ve got more carats than Bugs Bunny.” Go on, give it a listen.  I dare you! If you’re dying to purchase the grammy quality ear assaulting gem – it’s available on iTunes!


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