Real Housewives Alum Dana Wilkey Says Randall Emmett Owes Her Money

Dana Wilkey might go down as one of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ greatest friend of. Some of you might be scratching your heads as to who the hell Dana is. Well, for starters, “did you hear? $25,000.” As in, sunglasses. $25,000 for sunglasses. Ringing a bell now?

Yes, Dana was one of the earliest (and thirstiest) of housewife friends. She was introduced to us by none other than Taylor Armstrong, so please direct all your grievances her way. Dana’s stint on RHOBH was short, but impactful. Boasting about absurdly expensive sunglasses even made Kyle Richards blanche at the time. And for that, I salute Dana. Or Pam. Or whatever she calls herself because there is the whole question of her real name too.

Apparently, we haven’t heard the last of good old Dana/Pam. She’s on Twitter, spilling some tea about Lala Kent’s fiancé, Randall Emmett.

When a fan posted a meme of a conspiracy that Randall bought Dana’s $25K sunglasses, Dana had the response no one was expecting. She tweeted, “Hell no that’s so stupid. He rented a room on a mega yacht I had in Cannes and never paid me and then ran me around about it. He’s just a dush plain and simple! Don’t over think it.” Included at the end is a cry-laughing emoji for good measure. 


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When another account posted some gossip about 50 Cent slamming Lala and throwing shade at Randall, Dana got in on that too. She responded by saying, “I hope this is true @50cent you made that guy by letting him package you with millennium films. Randall still owes me 5000 for a room on the mega yacht RM Elegant in Cannes. #gross”. Damn, Dana. These are some rich people problems if I have ever seen them. I guess to make it relatable, it would be like taking a girls trip to Florida and having to pay one of your friends’ tickets for a booze cruise?

Dana finalized her little spill session by tweeting, “Randall Emmett is a dush.” LOL. One can only assume that Dana/Pam meant “douche” but I hate Randall enough that I’m also willing to accept that he’s a dush.


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Now I’m wondering what other tea Dana might have on Randall. I also have questions. Where did they meet? Why were they on a yacht together? How long ago was this? Will Dana ever get her money back? So many burning questions all from one little tweet exchange.

Regardless of those questions being answered, I’m happy Dana/Pam got her little shine in the spotlight back. That’s gotta be worth at least $25K, right?


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]