At this point, I hope you all realize we’re just pawns in the Bethenny Frankel Public Relations cycle. Does it matter if she’s getting divorced? Not really, as long as you are aware that she has a new talk show. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bethenny released news she was having a sex change at this point. Anything to get this talk show in the news and stay there until the six week cycle is up.

The trailer is out, and it’s okay. I’m frankly surprised she went with this old school format. In my opinion, Bethenny should have done a Chelsea Lately type of show that was better suited to her raunchy sense of humor. Something like “Watch What Happens” or even Kathy Griffin‘s show, something quirkier, edgier, funner. Is she trying to change her demographic? I’m not sure. In any case, find it, weigh in, and don’t forget to comment and tell me what a jealous hater I am for making sarcastic comments about Bethenny. I’ll wait.


In the divorce news, Radar Online, the new paper of record, is reporting that Bethenny won’t comment on her marriage problems with Jason Hoppy because she’s a PR genius who is trying to create buzz about her talk show. See: first paragraph. A “source” says that this is just all part of the plan, and that while Jason wasn’t too happy about moving to Los Angeles, he wouldn’t have done it if he wasn’t all in:

The reason Bethenny hasn’t publicly issued a statement denying the divorce rumors is to create buzz for her new talk show. No one is smarter and knows how to use the press to her advantage more than Bethenny. She could have issued a statement straight away but she recognized that it would be better if she waited until the premiere which is only a few weeks away. Bethenny has absolutely no plans to divorce Jason at this time.

What is curious about this statement is the wording. Why would anyone say something like “we won’t divorce each other…NOW?” Nothing is ever certain in Frankel-Land.

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