The Big Brother pool is a tough way to spend the summer, but somebody has to do it. The houseguests took a break from scheming and plotting Saturday afternoon to bask in the California sun.

Did you catch the premiere of Big Brother 14?

Mike Boogie MalinJanelle PierzinaDan Gheesling, and Britney Haynes returned to the game for a second or third time serving as coaches to the 12, now 11!, new houseguests. Yes, 11.  Within eight hours of being in the house, Jodi was evicted by Dan, her own coach.  So long, Jodi, we barely knew you.

Dan had to eliminate one of his own because his team lost the first competition.  Team Britney won the competition, and Britney gave the Head of Household power to Willie.



HoH Willie nominated Kara (Team Dan) and Frank (Team Boogie) for eviction.

Why these two? Until we see the conversations leading up to nominations, we won’t know for sure. And, really, the first week is just a crap shoot anyway. In Willie’s preseason interview, he did say part of his strategy will be to take out all the nice people first, leaving the ruthless competitors to attack each other later.

“My strategy is I just want there to be as much drama and chaos, but I don’t want it to be on my part. But I’m not going to be mean,” says Willie. “I just want it to be where I can cause it but they don’t know what’s going on. And I’m going to try to keep as many of the crazy people in the house as I can possibly can for the longest amount of time, ’cause the more that goes on, the more it’s off me.”

Frank is teamed up with the ruthless Boogie.  He’s in incredible shape, with legs like “tree stumps,” says Janelle. He will most likely play a good social game.  All these signs point to, Frank is a threat.

Kara is not a threat. She’s simply Dan’s puppet at this point. She’s the token model, and being a model on this show means you’re leaving early, usually.  She’s proving to be just as vapid as I expected. She’s on Team Dan, and they’re already at a disadvantage with Jodi gone. Kara is doing everything Dan tells her to do.  Danielle, who looks like a completely different person without makeup, isn’t doing much but whine and complain. Weakening Dan further is a good plan.  If that’s the main goal, why not nominate Kara and Danielle together? Nah, that wouldn’t make Boogie squirm a little, and that’s no fun.

Power of Veto

PoV was played Friday afternoon.  JoJo hosted.  The players were Willie (HoH), Kara (nominated), Frank (nominated), Danielle, Shane, and Wil.

Shane won.

Have Nots

Have Nots are Ian, Shane, Ashley, and Danielle.  I’m not sure how this was determined yet.  It’s one person from each team, so I’m wondering if the coaches had to pick one person.  The Have Not room is one of the worst I have ever seen.  It looks like they’re sleeping on twisted stamped metal slabs.

Ashley is having a hard time because of a previous back injury.  Sleeping on a hard surface isn’t doing her any favors, I’m sure.  She rubs Icy Hot on her bare butt in the Have Not room.  She seems to think there aren’t any cameras in there, as she also goes in there when she wants to cry alone. Ashley left the house to see a doctor for her back.  She’s back with drugs.

Big Brother is letting Ashley sleep on the floor since the floor is an improvement over the “beds.”  Shane is developing back issues because of the beds.  For everyone’s sake, I hope Big Brother makes some changes to the room. Being uncomfortable is one thing, being in pain is another.

In Other News…

The coaches had their own competition.  Boogie won. Janelle is not happy that she lost, especially to Boogie. Oh, yes, she HATES him.  Boogie’s prize was to give one person on his team an advantage – immunity?  He chose Ian.

People are not digging Ian.  He makes some people uncomfortable.  Is he a creeper or just socially awkward? Is he a socially awkward creeper? He’s one to watch! Ian sat and named all of the houseguests, in eviction order, from Big Brother 1 through Big Brother 13.  Wow. This guy is going to kill the memory challenges.

The winning Coach gets to sleep in the new Coaches Suite, which is the old Pandora’s Box room right off of the HoH room.  The two rooms look similar.

Some of the house already knows that Willie is a Hantz.  He’s planning on telling the rest soon.  Boogie has figured out that Danielle is a nurse, not a teacher. That was one of the dumbest lies ever, kudos to Boogie for figuring it out. Kara’s cat is out of the bag too. (Pun intended.)  They know she’s a playmate who most likely lives at the Playboy mansion. JoJo tells Britney in confidence that she uses men to get what she wants.  And, when she gets back home, she’s dumping her boyfriend.  But don’t tell anyone, okay, Britney?  Did JoJo forget about the cameras and the microphone pack that’s hanging on her string bikini, begging for mercy?

Janelle and Britney openly talk about the “next phase of the game” and there are four extra keys on the memory wall.  Janelle and Britney are convinced they’re joining the game at some point, maybe even as early week 3.  I’m not sure if this is a known fact or simply their hopes/assumptions.  Janelle has said things like “when Boogie joins the game” and suggesting Dan chose a weak team on purpose, to lay low and not get caught up in the scheming before he’s in the game.  They talk about this next phase to Big Brother all the time. They’re making all of their moves based on this assumption. They’re going to look really stupid if it doesn’t happen. Although I think it will – we’ll be down to 10 players come Thursday.

Janelle and Britney are working together.  They both hate Boogie.  They’re working hard to get all of the girls on the same page, so Boogie cannot pit the girls against each other.  They talk about Boogie’s dirty game play, how he played Erika, and his many STDs. Janelle refers to Boogie as the Douche Lord of the Century.

While Janelle and Britney are working well together, Willie is a wild card.  He’s playing his own game, currently in bed with Frank, and by extension, Boogie. According to Willie, he knows what he’s doing, he’s smart, and has everyone figured out already. Good luck with that, Willie.  He really doesn’t have that much power, even as HoH, not sure if he realizes this yet or not.  The HoH nominates.  Then the power is in the hands of the PoV winner.  Then the power is in the hands of the houseguests who vote.  And he needs to realize how much time there is between the nominations and the vote. The house is going to flip back and forth a thousand times.

That said, Willie is playing a strong social game.  He could go really far in the game – he’s extremely charming and he’s going to be underestimated. Willie and Britney have great chemistry.  I’m enjoying their time together.  And, classic Britney, she trusts him.

Frank and Willie are bonding over the “we’re playing our own game, not the game our coaches dictate” mentality. And then Frank takes it all back to Boogie.  Boogie coaches Frank to keep it up, even throwing Boogie under the bus if he has to. I cannot tell who Frank is playing.  I’m dying for some diary room sessions, the number one reason to watch Sunday and Wednesday’s episodes, in my opinion.

After their talks, Frank reports back to Boogie and Willie reports back to Britney, but neither one tells the whole story. Interesting.

The current consensus is that Kara needs to go so Dan is down another player. That could change at anytime.

Shane doesn’t seem like the type to rock the boat so early in the game.  He’s laying low right now. Making a move to save Kara would put a target on his back. However, if anyone can get inside someone’s head and get them to do things, it’s Dan. And that’s the number one reason Britney and Janelle want him to go.

Frank is a serious player and he’s strong. Still, Willie thinks he’s tight with Frank. Janelle and Britney want to take out Dan. They’re hoping that Boogie will be a non-issue because nobody will want to work with him later.

Even if the nominations stay the same, the ones that want Kara out the most cannot vote.  Britney, Janelle, and Willie can’t vote.  The votes will be Shane, JoJo, Ian, Jenn, Wil, Ashley, Joe, and Danielle. It’s pointless to guess how the votes will fall this early in the week.  There’s so much time between now and the vote, any number of deals can be made, feelings can be hurt, enemies can form, friendships can form, and so on.

If Kara goes this week, Janelle and Britney‘s current plan is to evict Danielle next week.  They hope that means Dan goes with her.  What purpose would Dan serve if his whole team is out and the “next phase” hasn’t been revealed yet?  (assuming there is a next phase)

I kind of hope someone from Boogie’s camp wins HoH.  Just for fun.  I hate when one side of the house dominates week after week.


PoV Results

As expected, Shane did not use the power of veto.  The nominations remain the same, Kara or Frank will be leaving the house on Thursday.

Now, the Britney/Janelle side of the house is freaking out. Imagine that. Joe tells them that Frank approached him earlier today, seeking out an alliance.  Now, if you’re watching the live feed, you know Joe has been very vocal about wanting Frank out, despite his coach’s argument for Kara.  So, he says, Frank comes to him, talks alliance, and tells him that Willie is his target.

It’s a lie!  Frank never approached Joe.  Joe made it up.  Joe is in it to win it!!  (Yes, wrong show, but it fits.)

Either way, lie or not, looks like Frank is now the target.


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