Maci Bookout and Kyle King are together on the Teen Mom episodes currently airing; however, the couple broke up in January. Since then, Maci took another Kyle, supercross racer Kyle Regal, for a test drive. She wasn’t satisfied.

Recently, Maci and Kyle King have been flirting and hanging out again, leaving their fans hopeful for a reconciliation.

So, what is the real-time relationship status of Maci and Kyle?

Well, where does one go for Teen Mom updates? Twitter, of course!

A Twitter exchange between Maci and Kyle suggests the two are an item once again.


The tweets:

Maci tweeted, “hey @kyleking100 … ur perfect for me.”

Kyle responded, “@MaciBookoutMTV hey be my gf?:-)”

Maci‘s answer was a series of icons: a happy couple holding hands, thumbs up, and hands clapping.

How cute.  Yes? No? Maybe so? (circle one)

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I can’t imagine this Twitter exchange is genuine. Certainly, Maci and Kyle have been back together for awhile now, and this is just their way of making it public. Or, “Twitter official.” These are reality TV stars we’re talking about here. Their image is most important. What if one of them said no on Twitter?! How embarrassing!

We wish Maci and Kyle luck! For Bentley’s sake, we hope it lasts. Bentley sure does love his Ky!

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