Teresa Giudice‘s precocious six-year-old daughter Milania has been the victim of some pretty appalling bullying! Fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey obviously feel very connected to the women on the show and RHONJ makes fans highly divisive.

Well sometimes fandom can go too far. Case in point: Several adults harassing a child on the RHONJ Facebook Page. Now we all know Teresa‘s parenting has been the subject of much discussion – particularly when Caroline Manzo started commenting on it. Most specifically causing response is Milania, the outrageous, snarky, and frankly hilarious third Giudice daughter. One could even call Milania the break-out star Caroline hoped her kids would be; she’s even spawned a FauxMilaniaG Twitter.

Love Milania (or Teresa for that matter) or hate her, it’s pretty clear she got the Gorga sass and the Giudice mouth. Unfortunately some fans are taking their criticism of Teresa‘s parenting and Milania’s behavior too far.


The drama all started when Bravo posted a “Milania Montage” video on their Facebook page asking fans if they “missed” Milania on last Sunday’s episode. Milania was trapped at home to manage Hurricane Irene while her parents party bused around California.

The post generated over 1200 comments (almost immediately), many of them name-calling, vitriolic, and swearing. Some even referred to the first-grader as a “bitch” or a “troll.” Seriously, people?

Jezebel first reported the onslaught and Bravo quickly removed the post amongst the controversy. As Jezebel pointed out, the most disturbing thing about these comments is they are NOT anonymous. Unlike blog handles and Twitter, Facebook requires users to use their actual names, and people obviously don’t care about verbally assaulting a little girl without hiding their real identity.

Even more upsetting is that most of the negative and cruel comments came from adult women!

Below are some of the comments (courtesy of Jezebel) taken directly from the Facebook post before it was removed:

There are many more on the Jezebel post. Jezebel verifies their source by identifying the commenters name (and linking directly to that person’s Facebook Page).

Teresa has not yet commented on the situation, but Kathy Wakile openly voiced her disgust: “Horrific!! These people should be banned from the internet **Leave Innocent Children Alone,” she tweeted.

Personally, I find this incredibly disturbing. Regardless of what one thinks of Teresa, it is inexcusable to say such vicious things about her little girl. I’m really surprised fans of the show would go this far.

Bravo has not commented on the situation, but the post was removed from the Facebook page.

[Photo Credit: Teresa Giudice’s Twitter]





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