Oh, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!  You rose to a new high last night…or did you sink to a new low?  It’s so very hard to tell!

Stevie J. and Mimi Faust take their precious daughter to the park.  I initially think that Mimi is overwhelmed with Stevie’s attempt at family time, but Mimi doesn’t trust him as far as she can throw him.  I’d say “good for her” but I doubt this will last long.  Stevie proposes that he, Mimi, and Joseline all go to counseling together.  What?  He has some major cajones.  Of course, he could sell milk to a cow, and he has Mimi considering the session.


Karlie Redd has reached out to Joseline to mend their fences.  Karlie thinks that if management wants them to work together, they should work together to create a hit.  Joseline reveals that she really doesn’t need Stevie as a producer.  Karlie calls out Joseline for being right for thinking that she and Stevie were running around together.  Joseline uses some ridiculous logic…yes, she and Stevie were seeing each other, but they never portrayed themselves to be together for Karlie to think such.  So basically, you were right, but you shouldn’t have been smart enough to be right.  That makes total sense!  Of course, once Joseline reveals that she’s done with Stevie, the ladies are laughing.  Joseline also gives Karlie advice on how to handle Benzino.  While they both claim to be wary of one another, a new friendship is formed.

Rasheeda meets Lil’ Scrappy at the studio.  She’s shocked to see Shay is with him.  The pair exchange very fake pleasantries.  Rasheeda is grossed out that her friend Scrappy has left her friend Erica Dixon and moved on to…that.  Rasheeda shoots him straight on how Erica is handling the break-up.  He’s thrilled to learn that Erica cried over him.  He wishes she’d been emotional with him–and by “emotional” he wishes she’d let him off the hook for child support.

Benzino surprises Karlie on a photo shoot for his endeavor Hip Hop Weekly.  She’s smitten.  Karlie also loves how much he’s doing for her career.  She assures him that he’s more important to her than what her management thinks…and they don’t think much of Benzino.  He’s thrilled to hear this news.  She gifts him with a puzzle piece necklace…it fits her puzzle piece necklace.  I am so enamored with this story line I feel the need to go unearth by be-fri locket from sixth grade.  I’ll be right back…I need to call my middle school bestie who has the st-end half.  Did Karlie just go to Claire’s?

Rasheeda is performing her new song with Scrappy.  She’s excited, but she’s a little torn given that her husband and manager (for now) Kirk Frost won’t be in attendance.  At least K. Michelle, Ariane, and Mimi are there to support her.  In an effort to change the subject from her situation with Kirk, Raheeda fills in the ladies about her interaction with Scrappy and Shay.  Lo and behold, Shay enters with Scrappy.  Erica’s friends are up at arms.  K. Michelle goes on a “boo” diatribe.  Scrappy and Rasheeda have the venue on its feet.

Mimi vents to Ariane about her issues with Stevie.  Ariane is a tad floored to learn that Mimi is kind enough to see a therapist with him.  She should have left his cheating a$$ long ago.  Mimi admits that Stevie wants to invite Joseline into their therapy sessions so Mimi can become more comfortable with his other woman.  Mimi just doesn’t think that she could ever be cool with Stevie having a relationship she knows about on the side.  You don’t say?  The fact she’s even considering it makes me think she more pathetic progressive than I could imagine.  Mimi reveals that she in only trying to create a two parent home for her daughter.  Ariane is confused as to why Mimi can’t understand that if it’s not Joseline, it will be another woman.

K. Michelle feels like she needs to tell Erica about Scrappy’s relationship with Shay.  Erica is flabbergasted.  I am flabbergasted that she is flabbergasted.  Erica seems to make excuses for him, but she refuses to be hurt by his behavior.  In her opinion, Scrappy is only hurting himself.  Both K. Michelle and Erica agree that the hardest part of Scrappy’s behavior is that he’s creating future drama for the pair’s daughter.

Mimi’s mother passed away nine years ago, and Mimi believes that her mom was incredibly selfish due to her loyalty to Scientology.  Regardless, she is finally ready to respect her mom’s final wishes and spread her ashes where she wanted to be laid to rest.  Mimi enlists her brother and Ariane for this difficult task.  Mimi needs to forgive her mother, and this is the best way to show her forgiveness.  It’s pretty sad to watch.  I’m a sucker for parental loss on awful VH1 shows, aren’t I?  Mimi spreads her mother’s ashes and embraces her brother.  Tissue please.

Benzino wants to repay Karlie’s jewelry gift, so he goes in search of the perfect piece to bestow upon her.  He is really taken by a pearl necklace that has a giant pearl shaped heart on it (NO!!!  She’ll think you went to Hello Kitty!), but he changes his mind when he finds a stunning diamond ring.  Some may call it an engagement ring…and by “some” I mean anyone who laid eyes on it.

Rasheeda and Kirk are meeting with her potential new management.  She hates that Kirk isn’t on board, but she needs to do what is best for her career.  He just wants to be a professional and make sure that his wife’s career is doing well.  Awww, can we get a Kirk spin-off?  Immediately, Kirk and the new manager butt heads, but he realizes quickly that, professionally, he’s already been kicked to the curb.  He defends his management of his wife’s career, and her new manager yells at him.  Kirk is a better man than I am…I’d be going Scrappy on this lady right about now.  I wish Rasheeda would step in and defend her husband’s management of her career.  I understand her wanting to branch out and separate their personal and professional lives, but she should still have his back in this meeting.  The ride home is awkward for the couple to say the least.  He basically tells her what I’ve said in the last few sentences.  She assures him that they will still be running her career…even if he has no say.  She just wants his support, and he wishes her the best.  He wants her to do what she needs to do, but she feels he’s being passive aggressive.

Benzino has Stevie over to play pool, and Stevie brags that he was able to convince Mimi to allow Joseline into their counseling sessions.  Benzino is once again the voice of reason, wondering what Stevie hopes to accomplish.  Benzino thinks Stevie is about to go down in a blaze of glory.  Stevie defends his decision, and again I’m forced to wonder…what in God’s name do these women see in him?  Benzino can’t understand why, at this point in his life, Stevie wouldn’t want to be a one-woman man.

Mimi and Stevie head back to another therapy session with Dr. Jeff.  Dr. Jeff wants to know their biggest issue.  Mimi rolls her eyes and spits out, “Joseline.”  Meanwhile, Stevie smiles and nods while he admits, “Oh yeah, Joseline.”  Dr. Jeff thinks that Stevie is trying to moonwalk his way out of some shiz.  Enter Joseline.  She doesn’t even want to be around Stevie, so she’s confused as to why she’s there.  Wow, this is awkward.  The therapist asks Joseline if she really didn’t think that Mimi was nothing more than Stevie’s baby mama.  He then calls out Stevie for being passive aggressive for wiping the sweat of Joseline’s nose in front of Mimi.  I’m just wondering why Mimi is sweating.  When Mimi reveals to Joseline that she has moved back in with Stevie, Joseline goes all kinds of crazy beating on Stevie.  Handlers are called in to disrupt the situation.  It is almost as uncomfortable as seeing Mimi’s smug smile, saying, at least I’m not that crazy.  Um, yes.  YES YOU ARE!  You know your man is cheating, you allow him to invite his lover into your therapy session, he is more into her than you while in said therapy session, but at least you weren’t the first to lose your cool.  Congrats, Mimi!  You should certainly be proud of that!

Next week, Stevie tells Benzino that he plans on loving both Mimi and JoselineErica confronts Scrappy about Shay, and he seeks advice from Momma DeeKarlie worries that Benzino has a temper, and K. Michelle’s past abuse comes between her friendship with Rasheeda.


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