This has been an eventful week for Farrah Abraham – she released a song that’s destined to be a Grammy contender for least decipherable lyrics, she announced that her memoir comes out next week (paging the NY Times Best Seller list), and she was accused of abusing Adderall and Xanax. All in the days life of a an adult who wants to act like a Teen Mom, I s’pose.

Well, of course Farrah is denying the accusation that she has a little problem with drugs. “These are ridiculous, untrue claims,” Farrah insists. The claims in question were made by Austin Mathouser, a teen mom herself, who won a contest to celebrate Farrah’s 21st birthday with her.

According to Farrah, Austin is just another famewhore looking for a chance at her 15 minutes. “It’s very sad that another mother would make up such stories, especially when I invited her out and treated her like a friend. In return, she was fake and wanted to make money off of hanging out with me,” Farrah fumes.


“It truly is disgusting and twisted that others bring Sophia and myself into their lies for attention. Sophia is the biggest part of my life and she makes me the happiest. Nothing else matters – I’m focused and I do not have time for drugs or drinking. I’m happy, healthy and safe,” Farrah tells Oh, Farrah…

Moving on, Jenelle Evans continues to define the term trainwreck with her crazy relationships and non-stop nonsense on and off Teen Mom 2. Jenelle has been embroiled in multiple legal issues involving ex- fiancé of 6 minutes Gary Head. Gary is being accused of assault and has been trying to fight the charges, claiming he is not guilty.

Well, Jenelle is spending time on Twitter insisting that she has “proof” that Gary is the “abusive addict” Jenelle’s friend claims he is! “The district attorney has all my pics of my bruises, yes he [Gary] will get his turn in jail trust me,” Jenelle announced.


“Remember smashing my phone into pieces?!” she added. “Can’t wait until Wednesday when I have court. :)” Oh, yeah the duo was due in court today. Do we care? Doesn’t Jenelle have a son to take care of? Oh, what am I saying…

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