Sometimes, just sometimes, keeping things to yourself can do a world of good. For instance the ladies of Real Housewives of New Jersey could maybe, just maybe, not announce their every breath, snark, slight, and petty offense on Twitter. I mean they do realize lots of people see it don’t they? Which is the point, I know, but still c’mon. Quit selling your dignity for gossip.

So in the latest infraction heard round the world? interwebs? apparently Sunday was Antonia Gorga‘s birthday (another one?) and the Gorgas didn’t have a party because they may or may not ever have them.

Melissa Gorga says Antonia didn’t want a party cause she wants to go to some amusement park instead. But that’s not the point, apparently Aunt Teresa Giudice was accused of barely recognizing Antonia’s blessed day because she tweeted a happy birthday.


Here’s what happened, courtesy of Twitter:

Well, Melissa deleted the snipey nasty reply tweet, but since each lady has several hundred thousand followers apiece it was too little too late as the twittersphere erupted.

Some supportive fans gave the inside scoop on what really happened and Teresa just so happened to retweet them. You know, in an effort to encourage honesty and set the record straight – not at all to make herself look good.

Here’s the skivvy on what apparently really, truly, like for realz happened:

Yes, if you recall last year Teresa had a birthday party for Gia and Melissa came with her kids. It was reported that some sort of argument between Melissa and Teresa occurred at the party, although both ladies deny this.

Our source reveals that sending texts is the de rigueur for the families, particularly if they’re not “on speaking terms.” According to our source this is just another attention ploy from Melissa. “Melissa LOVES to be ” on display” all the time and trying to make herself always look like the ‘better’ one. FAR from true!”

Ahhh… the continuing birthday drama of Antonia Gorga. Boy, her Sweet Sixteen is going to be such a letdown. And the Gorgas should probably just refrain from entertaining or having parties from now until forever. I mean, nothing ever goes sans drama.

Also, these ladies… well, here’s a little advice from me: You both need help. The tanning, the sequins, the hairspray, the glue holding all the marble in place in your pseudo-mansions – it’s all eaten your brains and rendered you insane. Teresa may be farther gone than Melissa, the juries still out on that one.

In other horrifying news, Melissa has a new song and this one comes with a music video. I Just Wanna, the newest ummm… demonstration of autotune’s miracles is a dance track.

“When I wrote it I was thinking about all of the stuff … she’s had to deal with, given her popular on the show and all,” Melissa’s partner Santino Noir tells The Insider (BTW: That’s code for Melissa didn’t write this.). A sample of the new video is below!

[Photo Credit: Melissa Gorga’s Twitter]


UPDATE: Melissa took to twitter to insist Teresa never called and insist she never erased any tweets. ” didn’t erase anything.. It’s still there.. & no she never called. #Fact” Well, I guess we’re back to she said vs. she said.


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