These people are never going to go away are they?  Last night was the second half of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion.  It was basically two sets of screaming love triangles with smug and sometimes unintelligible men at the center.  Needless to say, Mona Scott-Young loved it!

We resume with the infamous love triangle among this crazy cast of characters.  Mona asks Stevie J. point blank if he and Joseline are still together.  After some beating around the bush, he tells her that they are no longer seeing each other.  Joseline laughs, saying that she was only using Stevie for sex and money anyway–she doesn't need the headache that comes with seeing Stevie.  Mona revisits the three-way therapy session.  Mimi Faust is very defensive when she tells Mona that she was just trying to keep her family together when she agreed to counseling.  When Stevie implies that Mimi was only with him for his money, she goes ballistic, and he smugly puts on his sunglasses and leans back on the couch.  He has got to have some kind of major personality disorder, right?  At least we have some Joseline one-liners to break up the swearing. 



Stevie is still driving his bus, and Joseline is happy to ride it as long as it helps her career.  Mimi still seems to be angrier at Joseline than Stevie.  The threesome discusses their mom issues.  The viewers are shown footage of Joseline and her parents that never aired.  Joseline reveals that Stevie is the only person who has ever taken care of her.  Mimi is gets more frustrated with Joseline even when Joseline says she has no beef with her.  Lil' Scrappy looks on from the audience in shock.  We are treated to a montage of Stevie wiping Joseline's nose sweat.  Seriously?

Once Mona grows tired with this love triangle, she moves onto the next.  Scrappy, Erica Dixon, and Shay join Mona on stage.  What is up with Shay's hair?  Scrappy says that Erica has a mean streak, although he wants to make things work.  Mona tries to guide the couple through the ins and outs of their complicated relationship.  When Shay puts in her two cents, Erica asks Scrappy if Shay knows her place…obviously, a screaming match between the ladies ensues.  Mona plays therapist with Scrappy who believes he likes to run from love because he's "so emotional."  Erica is concerned that the pair will have trust issues, and Shay's feelings are very hurt.  Scrappy tries to referee while Erica and Shay commence with yelling.

Momma Dee joins Shay on the sofa.  She professes her love for her son and places a crown on his head, declaring him her little prince.  What am I watching??  We revisit the asthma attack.  Momma Dee thinks that Shay is more affectionate and doting which is what her son needs.  Shay wants to know why Erica has such a problem with her and not with Scrappy.  Good question!  Scrappy admits that he takes responsibility for lying to both ladies.  Shay gets in a dig that she bought some stuff for Scrappy, and he stops apologizing and goes on the defensive as Shay exits stage left.  We are treated to some comic relief with a montage of his inability to articulate actual words.  Scrappy then cryptically asks his mom for permission.  He gets down on one knee to propose, making sure to say "if it don't work, it's cool."  So romantic!

Karlie Redd, K. Michelle, Raheeda, Kirk Frost, and Benzino join Mona almost as an afterthought.  The difficulty of being a female hip hop artist is highlighted.  The women discuss how hard it is to be in a relationship with someone who isn't supportive.  Mona asks Benzino about his non-proposal.  Karlie admits that after his fauxposal she went to Benzino's to apologize only to find a naked woman hanging out at his house.  She hands him a t-shirt she had made that hashtags him as a polygamist.  This reunion is as scripted as the show!  Rasheeda and Kirk share that their relationship takes work.  K. Michelle applauds the couple for being so strong which is nice of her considering that Rasheeda tried to pull out her weave on the first part of the reunion. 

At the tail end of the reunion, Stevie likens himself to God yet again. Scrappy thinks Stevie is hilarious, so I am glad they are both over beating the crap out of each other.  Mona gives us a Stevie J. rat-face montage.  I can't believe I'm still watching this!  We learn that Momma Dee makes money by pole dancing, although she doesn't take off her clothes.  K. Michelle touts the importance of a Wikipedia page.  Stevie explains that he was finally able to purchase a car with his payday from the show.  Mona once again congratulates the happy couple, and Queen Momma Dee welcomes Erica into her palace.  And scene…thankfully!


[Photo Credit: VH1]

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