Following Monday's crazy St. Barths finale I have a feeling the Real Housewives of New York still haven't recovered from the vacation no one ever needed (or wanted!). Thanks Bravo. 

Heather Thomson managed to be in a small minority (re: party of two) of people who didn't embarrass the hell out of themselves and lose their sanity (or their underwear), which is commendable given the environment. Again, thanks Bravo!

In a new interview with the Fashion Spot, the Yummie Tummie founder reflects on her experiences with reality TV and talks Pinot Singer and Aphovia Drescher's meltdown! Oh, goody!

When asked if the show has changed her life – or her business – Heather agreed that there was definitely a "big change".

"When I first signed on for the show, I expected it to be a really four solid months of my life. It's not. It's a year, it's a full-time job. It never stops. I mean, from filming the show to the talking heads, the interviews, appearing on Andy [Cohen]'s show, to the press that you do to support the show and the cast — and of course I'm not going to not do all of that — so it's always on my agenda, every week. Even when we're done filming."


Although it has been extremely beneficial to her business and she does not regret participating. 

Heather also discusses that nasty little devil: editing. "The thing about Housewives is that it's in a way, a caricature of ourselves, but it is also us — clearly! I think they find the quirkiest parts of our personalities and focus in on them," she says, explaining her portrayal on the show. 

"For people who are watching the show hoping to see tables flipped over and stuff like that, I think it was a little depressing, in the way they [the producers] edited me," Heather confesses. "I just think it took awhile to get to know me. So I think I am portrayed well, but I think it took the audience a while to really feel who I am."

And speaking of people that took a while to get to know her, Heather reveals the current status of her relationship with Ramona

"Ramona is who she is. And she is a one-of-a-kind. And you know, really early in filming, I found it really hard to film with her in general. Just having a conversation was difficult. But when Ramona decided to accept me, then things changed," Heather shares.

"I always have the door open to find — I always believe there's good in everybody — and so I was always trying…there had to be something in there. And she shows it to me in St. Barths, and so … once she was ready, willing, and able to find an open door, I was ready."

And although Heather is the first to admit Ramona is crazy, she has some good in her as well. "And I find this nice side in her, I do. Ramona has this motherly instinct, and I have to respect, come hell and high water, that she stands behind Sonja [Morgan]. I call them 'Ramonja forevermore.' They're like a modern-day Laurel and Hardy. With a lot of booze, of course, mixed in."

As for the crazytimes in St. Barths, Heather believes the tempest that was Hurricane Raviva was a long time in the making! And she was "not surprised" by the argument and "knew" it was coming. 

"Aviva had…she told me that she and Ramona had an off-camera conversation, and Aviva asked her to please support Reid coming. And — this is all hearsay, because I didn't talk to Ramona about it, but I think Aviva expected Ramona to support Reid coming more," Heather reveals.

"What Ramona says was, 'I always supported Reid coming, I just didn't think he was going to be staying in the house with us.'"

And Heather is refreshingly honest when she admits that she agrees with Ramona, even though Aviva "It's Not My Party, But I'll Cry If I Want To" Drescher is her friend. 

"There's a dynamic when all the women are there, and then when the men come, it really does totally change. If Jonathan had to fly me down, I can say that his choice probably would have been to stay at a hotel. If there were all girls in a house, he would have understood that was our situation. But I can't judge that, I can only have my opinion. So I was surprised at how it went on and on and on and on."

"It wasn't like when I got into a fight with Ramona and I would say, 'I'm done,' and then I would go and enjoy the other girls. This affected everybody — it wasn't just their fight. And I was sad to see Sonja get involved in it, because I think she got caught in the crossfire." That's a great description of events!

As for her relationships with her cast members, Heather says she respects them all. "I really do have an affinity for them all. Even Ramona. We work together, we're an ensemble cast. And I care about each one of them. If something happened to them, I would be very upset."

"I'm closest to Carole [Radziwill], I would say for sure. And then Aviva and LuAnn [de Lesseps]. And I have different kinds of relationships with them," she says.

"You know, just how you have your friend you go shopping with and also your friend you tie one on with, and you have your friend that you call when the chips are down and you've got something to talk about. Each one gives me different opportunities to utilize what they have to offer, outside of the show as well."

Moving on, in honor of 9/11 yesterday some of the Housewives got together with Andy to support the Cantor Fitzgerald 9/11 Fund. Several of the RHONY and Real Housewives of New Jersey stars (who were surprisingly able to stop fighting long enough to focus on people other than themselves) manned the phones on Wall Street and made trades for the foundation. 

"On my way to Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund's Charity Day. I have the honor & pleasure of doing this each Sept 11th. It is special each year," Ramona tweeted. 

Attending the event along with Andy and Mayor Guiliani were Ramona, LuAnn, Aviva, Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa, Kathy Wakile, and Caroline Manzo (plus extra-appendages aka spawn). Photos of Housewives doing good are below! Unsurprisingly Teresa Giudice is not photographed with any of her RHONJ co-stars! 

[Photo Credit: Jeff Grossman/]



Caroline and Jacqueline manning the phones. [Credit: Andy Cohen’s Twitter]

LuAnn, Ramona, and Kathy. What is she wearing? [Credit: Kathy Wakile's Twitter]

LuAnn & Ramona with some of the Starlight Foundation Kids [Credit: LuAnn de Lessep's Twitter]

Ramona & Andy. [Credit: Andy Cohen’s Twitter]

Aviva and Kathy wearing a whole lotta bows. Wow, ladies. Just wow. [Credit: Aviva Drescher's Twitter]

Kathy and Aviva with the husbands! Did Kathy throw Reid a party for showing up? Let's hope!

Aviva and Teresa. Teresa looks ferocious. haha. Actually, great dress. 



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