Oh Kim Richards.  I'd say you're making great strides considering you've gotten help for your addiction issues and rid your life of the gay bull mastiff, but let's take baby steps, shall we? 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently spoke about her friends Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif's divorce while discussing how she wants to fall in love again.  While she is (thankfully) sounding more coherent these days, I still think it may be best for Kim to just focus on herself instead of jumping into another relationship.  Of course, what do I know?  I'm pretty surprised that she's even returning for the season!


The reality star feels that she is ready to find love.  Kim reveals to the Rumor Fix, “I’m at a point where I really love myself again; if I ever did [love myself] I don’t really know. I feel that I’m really just ready to love somebody. I think it would just be really nice to love someone, to take care of them, feed them, work out with them, and cook together. If love came along for me, I’d be grateful. Because I’m at a point where I have enough love to share.”

Of her ex, who maintained his Match.com profile the entire time they dated, Kim says, “I occasionally talk to Ken, and things are copasetic. We don’t have any ill feelings for each other—I’m there if he needs.”  It really does sound like Kim is in a much better place, but I hope she finds someone who won't try to take advantage of her!

Kim spoke with the same site about the nasty divorce brewing between Adrienne and Paul.  She was extremely surprised and disappointed, citing that she was closest to them out of all of her cast mates on the show.  She says, [The divorce] came as a shock to me. But I’m just here to support in any way I can. I feel sad for them and their children. Obviously they have their reasons, and I’d just like to be their friend.”

However, Kim doesn't believe all the allegations that are flying back and forth.  Specifically, she can't imagine Paul ever choking his son.  She explains, Don’t believe everything you read, I don’t believe everything I read. If I don’t see it firsthand then [I don’t believe it].”

She adds, I have only seen wonderful qualities in my friends, otherwise I wouldn’t consider them to be my friends.”

Kim is quick to to align herself with Adrienne though, saying, “I’m very close with Adrienne and she’s my friend of course; and Paul—we were close friends as well. But my relationship and friendship is with Adrienne first and foremost. I feel for both of them. They are both good people and it just didn’t work and that’s too bad.”

Also in Adrienne's corner?  Camille Grammer.  She tells Radar Online, “I am so proud of how strong Adrienne is. She is so brave and she’s a wonderful mother."

She continues, “Everything that Adrienne does is for her children, she loves them and makes all of her decisions based on what she believes is the best thing for them."

Camille is quick to add, “I don’t have anything bad to say about Paul."

It's just a sad situation all around, given that Paul really was the most present husband on the show.  Here's hoping they are able to put aside the ugliness as they continue with their divorce proceedings.


[Photo Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com]


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