If you had told me when Real Housewives of Atlanta started that NeNe Leakes would be the breakout star, I would totally have agreed with you.  However, if you had told me she would segue her Bravo gig into a legitimate acting career, I would have pointed you in the direction of the nearest loony bin.  Clearly, I was wrong.

NeNe is now commuting between Atlanta and Los Angeles where she is filming the NBC sitcom The New Normal.  She's no longer screaming in Kim Zolciak's face.  Instead she's trading jokes with The Ellen Barkin.  So, it begs the question…will NeNe be a reality star or an actress?  NeNe seems conflicted herself.


NeNe tells EOnline, "I don't know how much longer I'm going to do Housewives."

Of course, she is listening to E!'s main man as well.  Ryan Seacrest doesn't think that NeNe needs to hang up her reality hat just quite yet.  She shares his advice, telling the site, "[Ryan] said, 'I think you should do it as long as you possibly can. He said, 'You should do it till you can't do it anymore.' I thought that was great advice from some who has a lot of money."

NeNe, not surprisingly has quite the sense of humor regarding her now even busier schedule.  She jokes, "I don't want to just be working. I want to get laid every now and then—just kidding."  Sure you are, Neenster.  Sure you are.

While RHOA's resident outspoken housewife can find something negative to say about all of her Bravo cast mates, she couldn't be more thrilled with her NBC co-stars.  NeNe shares, "We've become like a little family. We all get along really well. I laugh a lot with Justin Bartha, and Ellen Barkin has become a good girlfriend. She's outspoken and I love that."

When speaking to VH1, NeNe is equally as wishy washy.  She admits, “I haven’t decided, but I will tell you this: I’m very loyal to Bravo, and I will continue to do both shows for as long as my schedule allows it.”

NeNe continues, “When you are a good person, good things happen for you."

I think all of this talk begs the question…is there a RHOA without NeNe?  I don't know.  I feel like all of the shows could be recast and be fine, but I do think, like it or not, that she totally carries her franchise. 


[Photo Credit: Twitter]


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