Real Housewives of New York is ending just when the drama is getting started. Pinot Singer and Meviva Drescher have been at each other's throats for months now and apparently things are getting so unruly they're taking it to the NY social scene! 

Both ladies attended the recent GLAAD Awards in NYC and rumor has it that Ramona tried to get Aviva banned. “Ramona tried to have [Aviva] banned from the event,” an insider told Gategrasher. “GLAAD doesn’t get involved in ‘Housewives’ drama and told Ramona that Aviva was welcome to attend.”

Apparently Ramona's outburst led the GLAAD organizers to have concern some concern so they sent Aviva an email to make sure she knew what was going on. 

Aviva demonstrated that she could be the bigger person (must be that Vassar education!), replying: “This event is to support the LGBT community and has nothing to do with personal relationships. Ramona and I are on a television show and I’m sure she realizes that as well.”


Once at the event the two kept their distance from each and avoided any red carpet run-ins, save for a few terse words before Ramona fled. 

“She made it clear she had another event to attend before she arrived for the evening,” a source explains. “It wasn’t a slight.”

“Lots of gorgeous men told me Ramona kind of ran in and ran out. I stayed for an hour and a half and really enjoyed all of the interesting and gorgeous men that I met,” Aviva added of the exchange. 

Moving on, with this season ending soon rumors about next season's RHONY cast are already swirling. One report claims Sonja Morgan is a shoe-in, but Wetpaint is claiming that LuAnn de Lesseps' days may be numbered! 

“Right now it’s unclear if a new woman or new women will be replacing the current Housewives or will be added to the existing group,” a source shares. “But the feelers are definitely out there.”

Once again reunion seating chart rumors are dictating speculation about who wil stay and who will go. “It’s Ramona, Sonja and Luann on one side, then Aviva, Carole [Radziwill] and Heather [Thomson] on the other,” a source explains. “Ramona and Aviva are closest to Andy Cohen, while LuAnn is on the end."

"Everyone knows Andy seats the women who bring the most drama next to him and the ones who have the least going on sit farther away.” Heather is also seated on the end of the "newbie" sofa, but something tells me she won't be going anywhere as she has been the subject of drama since day one. And her tell-it-straight attitude has really resonated with viewers. 

Regardless of her assigned seat, a source claims LuAnn be losing interest in the show anyway. “She’s happy and in love and it’s fantastic,” another source dishes. “But there’s not a lot of tension going on, which is what the show needs. They tried the baby angle this season, but viewers didn’t seem that into it.”

Well, I personally cannot imagine a RHONY without the Countess, but I'm sure we'll all survive if she leaves. 

Moving on, tonight is the first installment of the RHONY reunion. And I'm hopeful it's calmer than that other reunion we recently watched. Tonight the ladies will face off over this season's drama and Carole will finally be called out for something. By the Countess, nonetheless.

The Real Housewives of New York Reunion airs tonight at 9/10c. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the mayhem. So join us, TeaTinis ready. Tonight's drink of the evening is the Old Fashioned done Reality Tea style. Black or Darjeeling tea, served cold, add whiskey, sugar, and lime. 

See you later Upper East Side cougars with twist! 

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