Oh, we've all been waiting, waiting, waiting for the rumors to start. And if Andy Cohen was using Watch What Happens Live as an indicator of the fascination Jill Zarin wields over fans of Real Housewives of New York, well then the ratings from her recent appearance on the show prove we never tire of Jillusional. 

Oh, Jill. I like to think of my fascination with Jill as the same fascination I have for shows like American Horror Story, meaning they scare me, intrigue me, repulse me, but oh man cannot I not look away! And I love every minute of it! 

Apparently many share my bizarre intrigue, because the numbers for WWHL's special Jill vs. Andy one-on-one had over 2 million viewers on Monday night and the ratings were up 44% from the previous Monday's episode. And if y'all don't think Jillzy is going to use those numbers to get back on the show, y'all are surely more delusional than she is!

And go figure just a day after the numbers for the episode are out, come reports that Jill is slated to return to RHONY to enact her revenge, errrr… I mean redeem herself. 


"Jill's appearance solidified the likelihood that she will be featured on the sixth season," Jill's publicist a source tells RadarOnline. "Jill and Andy were even trending for a long time Monday night on Twitter. That is the kind of buzz that the network wants for the next season. Jill is a polarizing figure and she has a very, very strong personality."

Now, I have NO doubt on this earth that Jill's camp is starting these rumors and leaking these hints to try and drum up buzz in the hopes that Bravo will bite and think she's a valid asset to the show. 

HOWEVER I do not think Bravo will bring Jill back to the show. I could be wrong – crazier things have happened, but even though the WWHL numbers were high, they weren't high because Jill had legions of supporters, but because millions of RHONY fans wanted to see what this nut would say next. We weren't disappointed. 

And of course… "Jill is open to the idea of coming back to the show and would be willing to appear as a guest star. Viewers love to watch Jill tussle with Ramona Singer and LuAnn de Lesseps. There was no where near as much drama on the show this year, even with the addition of three new cast members after Jill, Alex McCord and Kelly Bensimon were fired."

This last statement about the lack of drama all but verifies this "rumor" came from Camp Jill. This season provided plenty of drama between Meviva Drescher and Pinot. And it wasn't the same incredibly tired and toxic drama we've been seeing for the last three seasons. It was new drama – fresh – with elements of the same crazy. And viewers responded; ratings were up every week. 

I personally think one of RHONY's biggest problems was that it faced off against the traumatic and polarizing Real Housewives of New Jersey and initially it seemed lackluster. As viewers gained interest in the new women and Meviva snapped; viewers' interests piqued. 

Jill has claimed for sometime, Bravo has been asking her to return to the show and she declined. Apparently now she's changed her mind…  The source adds, "The outpouring of support that Jill got after her appearance on Monday night is really changing her mind. She is in a better place now and really does love being on the show. Jill is in much more control of the situation because she knows the show needs her more than she needs them."

Alright then Jill – looks like a nut, walks like a nut, cracks like a nut; belongs in American Horror Story's Asylum with Jessica Lange to whip you into shape. Now THAT I would watch!

So in summation, I could see Jill returning for a couple of guests spots particularly if LuAnn remains on the show (although rumors are also circulating that she's done), but I don't think we'll be seeing Jill comeback as a fulltime cast member. And if she does, I need to check into the Asylum. 

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