The Posche Fashion Show may have been over a year ago, but for Bravo it's the gift that keeps on giving! In the latest crazy story to emerge about the night from hell, a Real Housewives of New Jersey producer reveals that neighbors called the cops because there was such a ruckus!

I'm sure you all remember the screaming fight between Poison Gorga and Kim D. Remember – he accused her of being a "coke whore" and she rebutted: "I play with the big boys!" (which I'm inclined to believe – lady has some serious dirt, drama does fall into her lap after all). This all happened outside the venue. 

Well, RHONJ producer Sezin Cavusoglu shared with Wetpaint that local residents were so annoyed by all the noise and carrying on they called local authorities. "You see cops on the scene later on in this episode, and this is around the time when they started arriving,” she shared. 


While no one was arrested (the fashion police obviously didn't show up then!), police arrived on the scene to ask people to calm down. “This fight was happening around 11 p.m. on a weeknight and the residents on the block got upset about all the noise and they wanted our production crew to leave. And so the cops were called." 

Apparently the argument between Kim and Joe got so heated producers worried it might get physical. “Luckily they were both held back and things didn’t escalate any further." Well, that sounds classy! Remind me never to attend an event serving alcohol where RHONJ people are invited. 

Moving on, Melissa Gorga is doing her part for charity by taking off her war paint! The mom of three is partnering with Swispers "Sleep Naked" campaign and posing sans makeup to raise money for the Deborah Heart and Lung Foundation. 

Melissa tweeted: “I'm getting naked for charity! Vote for my pic! It's 4 the hospital I had open heart surgery at when I was 7yrs" You can vote for Melissa's naked face photo on the Swispers Facebook Page.

Like Melissa or not, it's for a great cause and she looks really pretty without make-up! Better than a certain sister-in-law of hers

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