Jill Zarin is either crazy or um… really crazy? The former Real Housewives of New York star was recently permitted a sit-down with Andy Cohen to air ALLLLL her grievances (and it was a long list!) about being fired and feuding with Bethenny Frankel. Even Bethenny was concerned about the level of Jillusional's delusion

Jill's Watch What Happens Live segment exposed a woman who has still not recovered from incidents from over four years ago – including how she felt she was misrepresented on RHONY. Apparently Jill wasn't about to let that happen again and someone from her entourage who was in the audience during the pre-recorded WWHL taping secretly filmed the entire interview. And Jill admits it!


Jill confessed to the NY Post: "Someone in my party did use an iPhone, because they love me and wanted to protect me . . . to make sure I remembered what I said, and that what I said was accurately edited. It was for my own protection.” Uh huh – Jill had absolutely NO idea this was being done. Yeah to the right! 

The original interview was 44 minutes long but was edited down to 22 minutes. Jill was concerned some pivotol information would be cut so she staged some guerilla protection tactics. Does she work for the CIA, I wonder? No way – she gossips too much.


Anyway, the recording didn't end up being necessary because Jill was happy with the final product, "thanks to Andy."

According to her, her interview was so successful she's entertaining multiple TV gigs and Jill claims she's headed to LA currently because “all these networks want to talk to me.”

While Jill seems to think alls well that ends well, an industry insider begs to differ. They offer this advice: “Secretly taping an interview is no way for Jill to get herself back on the network . . . or any network, for that matter.”

The Bravo network has no comment but they are currently celebrating that they are freed from Jill. I envision a toast going something like this "Ding, dong the wicked witch is dead!" I bet that's Andy's Mazel Of The Week. 

Andy, on the other hand, had plenty to say about Jill's illicit action! He pointed out that it was an "ILLEGITIMATE tape!" and added this not so cryptic tweet: 

Caroline Manzo even got involved in the action and Andy told her, "I'm as mad as Teresa [Giudice] at your last reunion!" Caroline's response: "those housewives, they're a rough bunch…. xo" Adding: 

Speaking of trust, Alex McCord's most recent RHONY video recap also seconded Jill's paranoia that producers majorly manipulate ("meddle" was her word) storylines and that editing is very tricky.

Alex referenced it as a "lack of control" the Housewives have over their own lives and portrayals – so maybe Jill had a reason to be so worried! 

So yeah, about Jill's chances of returning to RHONY. I'm guessing they're about -1000?!

[Photo Credit: Jill Zarin’s Twitter]


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