As I sit here and plow through my son's Halloween candy (hey – he's only 2!) while I work, I'm even more thankful that my family and loved ones are safe after Superstorm Sandy. While several reality stars found themselves in the middle of a storm (and not one manufactured by producers or caused by gossip and pettiness), the Real Housewives of New Jersey undoubtedly – and as usual – were some of the hardest hit as they are in the epicenter of a hurricane. 

Several of the ladies lost power for days and even worse had their shore houses destroyed in the process. Here's an update on how everyone is doing post-Sandy as New Jersey begins to rebuild.

And just a quick comment: Caroline Manzo has been updating her twitter with relief stations and information for victims. Apparently annoyed followers have decided to unfollow because of too many tweets. Seriously people? Have a heart. While Caroline only lost followers (and electricity) – SOME PEOPLE lost everything. Empathy, people, empathy. 

Teresa Giudice had several appearance scheduled for this week and canceled them all. She has been cooking to help out friends still without power. 


[Credit: Teresa Giudice's Facebook]

Teresa's shore house got pretty shaken up during the storm. "I feel grateful that everyone is safe and sound. I will focus on that during the clean-up," she tweeted. And reminding her that family is the most important thing, Teresa celebrated her mom's birthday this week. "I have great memories and a wonderful family. That's what matters," she added. 

Joe Giudice also got involved in the relief effort. Teresa tweeted that he was helping friends and family who lost power and had their homes damaged by the storm. 

"My babies are chilly," Melissa tweeted. [Credit: Melissa Gorga's Twitter]

Yesterday the Gorgas were still without power. "Thank God my family is safe. We are cold with no power & I had to walk down the street to make this tweet..," Melissa Gorga wrote. 

Joe Gorga chopped down trees that had fallen in his neighborhood. "Joe walked up and down our street yesterday cutting down trees so people could get out of their driveways to get gas..," Melissa tweeted. They used the wood to start a bonfire in their neighborhood for the kids to enjoy. 

The Gorga's Shore House. [Credit: Melissa Gorga's Twitter]

"I'm praying for everyone that has real loss. Everything else can be fixed," Melissa added. Unfortunately both the Gorga's homes were damaged. Melissa wrote: "My shore house isn't doing good:.( my outdoor fireplace & my wave runner slip.. No wave runner"

And the boardwalk! Oh no! [Credit: Melissa Gorga's Twitter]

Hopefully by now the Gorgas are with power! 


Hey – is that Jacq's tweeting?! [Photo Credit: Caroline Manzo's Twitter]

Caroline has a generator and was able to keep family and friends safe and sound during the storm. Caroline tweeted a photo of her kids and family members the day after Sandy. 

Several trees fell in front of Dina Manzo's house, but she suffered no major damage. Unfortunately she is still emotionally wrought over the storm. "I want so badly to mentally move on from this storm but so many friends have been so seriously hit. I wish there was more I could do"

Outside Dina's house. [Credit: Dina Manzo's twitter]

Dina also made a visit to Franklin Lakes following the storm. "Whoo just got a look at Franklin Lakes. Took me an hour to get to what usually takes me 5 mins."

Jacqueline Laurita's family fared OK in the storm and were spreading their good forturne to others. Jacqueline tweeted that her husband Chris Laurita, along with son CJ, and the Manzo Boys were heading out to Hoboken with the BLK Water van filled with supplies to distribute. Awesome!

"We are all doing good over here.The generator is still working.A lot of trees&wires down around here.Hoping everyone is ok&staying safe&warm," Jacqueline tweeted. So is anyone going to invite the Gorgas over already????

Kathy Wakile got her power back yesterday and her neighborhood has been starting to rebuild. "My2 men @richardwakile @JosephWakile have been working tirelessly outside all day cleaning the yard from #SandysMess They're still out there," she updated on Twitter. Kathy's mom, Nonni, was without power yesterday and was "knitting by candlelight." 

They go together like um… macaroni and cheese? [Credit: Kathy Wakile's Twitter]

Apparently in the aftermath of the storm, Richie Wakile decided it was time to buy a generator and went looking for one. Better late than never, right?! Richie and Kathy cuddled on the sofa to stay warm. 

Trick or Treating for NJ has been rescheduled for Nov 5, so luckily none of the kiddies have to miss one of their favorite holidays. And since I'm sure everyone emotionally ate Halloween candy during the stressful storm, they can get more on the post-Halloween clearance. 

I'm glad our RHONJ girls are doing well. Too bad this frightening experience couldn't rebuild family and friendships. Or maybe they just are tweeting about it – which would be a sign of great progress (and a lessening of famewhoring). 

[Main Photo Credit: Joe Gorga's Twitter]











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