Teresa Giudice has been facing a lot of backlash over her husband Joe Giudice. The legally (and politically correct challenged) Househusband has been repeatedly called out for making gay slurs and homophobic sounding comments on Real Housewives of New Jersey

In a new interview with Star Magazine, Teresa is once again defending Juicy and insisting he "loves" the gays! 

"Joe came to the gay bar with me, and we had so much fun!” Teresa shares. “It’s so obvious he is not at all homophobic." Well, maybe he should stop using the F-word that rhymes with hag colloquially. Should I define that for the Giu-DOUCHE-es?


Teresa continues, "Both my husband and I have many gay friends. In fact, we have a very close friend who just bought a house with his partner to be close to our beach house on Long Beach Island.”

And of course, Joe's recent tear-up moment at friends' gay wedding supports that he's not a homophobe. "He thought their vows were so heartfelt, he was actually welling up while they were reciting them!”

Now, I don't think Joe is homophobic, just adjective-challenged. And you know, a little rough around the edges to put it politely. 

In other Teresa news, we are very sad to report that her father is ailing! "THANK YOU so much for your prayers for my dad! He's feeling better today. We're still at hospital waiting for tests. xx," she tweeted. Adding later, "Thanks for thinking of us. I'm touched that so many of you took the time to mention my dad." We hope Mr. Gorga feels better. 

Moving on Melissa Gorga is trying to do her part for the Jersey Shore restoration effort. Working with Poison Gorga, they pleaded with fans to buy sweatshirts bearing the slogan "Restore The Shore."

"Money from the sale of this shirt goes to local families in need:order@ 732-270-9200 order now!," Melissa tweeted. A photo of the shirts is below. 

Melissa and Joe also took time to donate (and of course photograph it) items to victims of Sandy.

And for those of you wondering if Melissa and Joe visited his father, Melissa says she was at the hospital earlier this week. Good for the Gorgas for doing their part for the relief effort. 

[Main: PNP/WENN & Andres Otero/WENN . All Other Photos Credit: Melissa Gorga’s Twitter]


"Get out and do something to help! So many in need. Did you donate yet? Get off your asses!," Joe wrote. [Credit: Joe Gorga’s Twitter]



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