I don't know about y'all, but there is a part of me that is still mourning the fact that Alana Thompson couldn't keep Glitzy the pig.  However, it warms my heart to know that she's got a new pet to pamper.  What animal wouldn't want to make its home among the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family?

Now the young pageant princess has a new pet to love on in a way only Smoochie can.  Alana now has a pet chicken that she has affectionately named Nugget. She is so ironic.  Of course, I'm sure you think can of an animal rights group who is going to use this little girl's pet as a platform for its agenda.  Any guesses?


According to E!, PETA has sent Alana a letter, educating her on how intelligent fowl are while urging her to change her new chicken's name.  The letter describes chickens at being good at basic math (who knew?) and having excellent memories, stating, "As I'm sure you are learning from your chicken, chickens are smart, interesting animals with personalities of their own."

The letter suggests that Alana change the bird's name to Not A Nugget and asks that she "let [her] fans know that they should be nice to chickens by not eating them."

PETA doesn't want Alana to think she has to give up all nuggets.  The letter reminds her that there are some very tasty vegan options for her to enjoy.  The organization is planning to send the young reality phenomenon a sampling of these meat free treats as well as a t-shirt proclaiming "I'm not a nugget." 

The letter concludes, "[D]on't worry! You won't have to give up 'chicken-nugget power.' There are yummy vegan-chicken nuggets in grocery stores today that taste just like meat, except no chicken had to die to make them."

Thanks, PETA.  I think Honey Boo Boo will just stick to 'sketti, but thanks for using a six-year-old's new pet for that teachable moment.  That said, just because I don't like PETA doesn't mean I am anti-vegetarians or pro-animal testing or a fur-wearing advocate.  I sometimes think that if you yell so loudly all the time, eventually people will tune out your message. 


[Photo Credit: Facebook]

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