Video – A Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Song! Plus, June Shannon’s Daughter Jessica Isn’t Living With The Family!

Alana Thompson and Pumpkin of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo record a pop song!

June Shannon is busy being a hillbilly pimpmomager, y’all and her daughter Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon (17) has moved out so she can finish high school, but meanwhile Alana Thompson is breaking into the pop star business!

June shared on Facebook that despite negative reports, she’s not having any problems with Jessica! Instead, after the former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family relocated to Hampton, GA to cosplay The Beverly Hillbillies in a big new house, Jessica decided to remain in McIntyre to focus on graduating high school. 

“The reason Jessica stayed in McIntyre is cause she only has two and half mths to graduate,” June insisted. “It was a hard decision but she wanted to graduate with her friends she had been with for 10 yrs but she comes home and we talk and I’m up on all her progress still.” June added that Jessica plans to start college in the fall. June also didn’t elaborate on where Jessica was living!


June has been updating “fans” on Facebook, explaining that she, Alana, and Pumpkin have permanently moved but Sugar Bear is also staying in McIntyre. “We r being civil and have agreed to that he will c alana and the girls in hampton every weekend,” June clarified. 

She also revealed that Alana started at her new school, but Pumpkin will be home schooled. “Unfortunately pumpkin is still on medical homebound with her brain injury over a yr ago so she will getting schooled from home 3 hrs a wk,” June revealed. Leaving me in a dire state of fear – just exactly WHO will be homeschooling Pumpkin?! Please do not let it be June… that cannot be legal! 

And finally, the Boo Boos are “movin’ on up” according to June and branching out into the music business! The family has been in LA, attempting to get a new reality show launched – which may or may not happen depending on TLC – but in addition to that, they’ve been pursuing other projects

While in LA they attended a Pre-Oscars event, “alanas pumpkin and sugarbears 1st red carpet event” gushed June, and then the family hit the recording studios! They also made an appearance on The Doctors (where June was derided over Honey Boo Boo‘s diet and weight). Then hit the recording studios

June announced on Facebook that Pumpkin and Alana have an upcoming song and music video that they made with an “awesome guy Adam.” (aka Adam Barta). The song may or may not be called the “Honey Boo Boo Bop” (June has been hashtagging that on twitter). No release date yet, but June wants you to know it’s a “great catchy song” and the family is #MOVINONUP So screw you, TLC!

You can see a video of Alana singing below. Actually it’s more a rap… Oh my. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.23.57 PM

June would also appreciate if everyone keeps it positive and forgets all the ugly-nastiness of dating child molesters that happened last year! “NO ONE is perfect,” she lectured. We are “moving past here comes honey boo boo and going into our new chapter in our lives!” 

Mmmmkay, then. Maybe that new chapter could include english classes, because good lord – deciphering June’s Facebook page is like reading Heiroglyphics! 


[Photo Credit: Facebook]