Is TLC Threatening Legal Action If June Shannon Keeps Shopping Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Spin-Off To Other Networks?

here comes honey boo boo family

Okay, okay. When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong (pours out some wine for the amazing Jerry Orbach), and I was wrong about the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family. Once upon a time, I was the reality phenomenon’s biggest defender. Heck, I even made ‘sketti with butter and ketchup in a Country Crock container for a HCHBB viewing party! False. That was a giant lie. 🙂 Not even I am that gross.

However, I did love this family’s dynamic. Mama June seemed extremely grounded in light of her crew’s sky rocketing fame (remember those trust funds?). Sugar Bear was (and honestly still is, or at least seems to be) a guy who just wants to do right by his common law (that marriage ceremony was bogus, right?) wife, their daughter, and his step-children. Alana Thompson, aka Honey Boo Boo herself, was everything you could have hoped for in a cheese-ball chomping, pageant preening, fart loving seven-year-old. Of course, when the news broke that June had left Sugar Bear and reconciled with the pedophile who had victimized her oldest daughter, I had to stomp on my rose colored glasses and throw them in the dump that family once foraged for our entertainment. Le sigh.


After all of the horrible accusations, drama, and back-and-forth, TLC did the unthinkable…it listened to viewers and cancelled the show. Are you listening, Lifetime? Of course, now that June has tasted fame, she’s not going quietly into that good-night, and apparently there is still a market for her madness. I’m not going to lie, I’d probably watch them again…if I knew for certain that all of their entertainment earnings were going straight to counseling for those girls.

According to TMZ, June has Alana back on the scene…this time as a pop star. The family has joined forces with the producers from LA On The Track (I’ll pretend this is a legitimate music producing endeavor for the sake of this post) to record a song entitled “Movin’ Up,” which features the vocals of daughter Pumpkin and club musician Adam Barta. A quick Wiki search reveals that Adam has collaborated with the likes of the Tanning Mom and Octomom, so Pharrell Williams he is not. 

The site is reporting that June, Alana, Sugar Bear (run, man, I tell you, run!), et al., were in Los Angeles last week making music and trying to pitch a reinvention of their show to different networks, to which TLC responded, Good day, sir! TLC doesn’t want the family hocking their reboots to anyone…at least not until the Boo Boo’s contract with the network expires at the end of May. Bring on the law suit threats!

So you’re telling me that TLC is trying to thwart the Shannons from continuing in the reality realm (until the month of June at least) not out of some sort of unspoken moral duty, but rather due to cold card cash? Color me not surprised. A source claims that TLC compensated the family for the season that never aired (see pedophile situation above) along with insurance and tutoring costs. That pretty generous, I’d say. TMZ reveals that the family isn’t too concerned about the network’s threats and have enlisted their own legal team for battle. My how the mighty forklift feet have fallen in my eyes. 


[Photo Credit: TLC]