Well, Happy Thanksgiving Kim Zolciak! And I warn you dear readers in advance – this a motherload of a post filled with information.

Unfortunately for poor Kim she is in a massive feud with her parents with multiple media reports (and twitter!) getting involved. If you recall, Kim's parents are fighting her for visitation of her two daughters Brielle, 15, and Arianna, 11, under "grandparents' rights."

After Kim's daughters told the judge presiding over the case that they had no interest in a relationship with their grandparents and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star said her mom was "unfit" and "disrespectful" among other things, Kim's father, Joe, released a statement calling her a "pathological liar" to TMZ. 

Kim's attorney responded to Joe's comments writing: Kim is "heartbroken and saddened by the derogatory and spiteful statements made by her mother and father, Karen and Joe Zolciak."

"[Kim] cannot comprehend for what rational purpose her parents have decided to humiliate their grandchildren's mother in such a public display of hatred and fabrications."


Also speaking out is Kim's mom, Karen who filed the original petition seeking visitation. Karen spoke to RadarOnline where she explained her reasoning for going to court – and blamed reality TV for causing problems in her relationship with Kim! 

Karen says her motivation is that they "miss the children. We would do anything for her and we just want to see the children!”

“Anybody that knows us knows that we’ve stood by Kim through everything," Karen maintains. "When her two older children were born, their father wasn’t in the delivery room and we were there for her." Karen says that now Brielle won't even answer the phone when Karen and Joe call her. 

Kim has always used her kids as pawns and she makes us jump through hoops to get to them,” Karen says. “I don’t deserve this!”

And Karen blames Bravo for all the recent problems – especially all the drama between Kim and Karen on Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding

“This is made up drama for TV!” Karen insists. “Bravo will do anything for ratings and this is just a continuation of the ridiculous situation from the wedding where they said that family couldn’t use the bathrooms.”

Taking to twitter, Kim expressed her disappointment with her parents. "My husband & I will do whatever it takes 2 protect our children. I am deeply hurt & saddened by my parents comments FACTS.. is you have none. Whenever u point the finger u got 3 pointing right back at u," she wrote. 

"I admire my wife's strength," husband Kroy Biermann added. Also speaking out was Brielle who had a not-so-nice comment to her grandparents. 

In the middle of all the drama, Tamara Tattles gives some insider insight on what's going on. Tamara reveals that Kim's mother filed her court case “forma pauperis,” which means she filed claiming they have no money and provided supporting documentation, this is also called reporting "indigent." 

Karen initially filed "pro se" which means she opted to represent herself. Is this an Atlanta thing or something, Bob Whitfield? Well, Karen has now been assigned some form of a court-ordered lawyer and that lawyer is a familiar RHOA face: Bensonetta Tipton Lane. Ms. Lane was also involved in Sheree Whitfield's child support case!

Tamara also reports that the case is currently with a 60 day Domestic Relations conference order, meaning both parties' lawyers are meeting to try and work out an amicable agreement. 

In response to all the drama Kim's purported rep Jackson Ketsoyan (who is really her stylist) gave the following statement to RadarOnline, claiming Kim's mom is shopping a book and that's the reason she's fighting Kim for custody. Oh dear… 

“It is clear from the pleadings filed by Mrs. Karen Zolciak that by claiming she is indigent she has committed perjury, a felony in Georgia, which holds a sentence of not less than one year of imprisonment but not more than 10 years imprisonment, a $1000.00 fine, or both." 

"This alone should alert everyone that this Grandparent’s visitation lawsuit is for nothing more than publicity to drive up the price of her purported ‘tell all’ book about her daughter. Is there nothing more sacred than a parent and child bond, a mother and father’s love and a desire to protect their children?  Apparently not for Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zolciak.”

Now it's important to remember, Karen provided supporting documentation to the courts to back up their financial claim so a judge can decide if Karen is declared indigent or not. 

Kim's "rep" also added that Kim and Kroy "cannot fathom why at this time her parents would vilify her in the press and then seek to have Mrs. Biermann to allow visitation. Mr. and Mrs. Biermann are not seeking media attention on this case, this is a personal and private matter, and would ask that the media respect their families' privacy for the sake of the children." 

And also getting involved in the drama is Kim's co-star (at least for a hot minute), NeNe Leakes! Upon hearing all the drama, NeNe took to twitter. And I'm sure she was hysterically laughing as she posted this!

And Kim, of course, had a reply. 


And in one last piece of scintillating RHOA gossip that will end this story on a hilarious note, gossip is circulating through the grapevine as to the REAL reason Kim fled NeNe's empowerment party in last week's episode. 

And the "real reason" had nothing to do with NeNe! Apparently Kim's landlord, Kendra Davis – the same one who had just evicted her – was there!

Kim also owes Kendra big-time money for decorating fees and changes made to the house without permission. In addition Kim had been bragging up a storm that she was just going to stay in the house illegally to Kandi

Well when Kim got wind of Kendra's presence at the event she made up a quick excuse and hightailed it out of there. Now how much money do I want to bet on THAT being the real reason NeNe wanted Kim invited – and the REAL reason she was begging her to stay! 

And proving Kendra's presence is that you can actually spot her in background shots during the party! Oh, the glory of it all… 

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