Mob Wives Premiere

Well this is classy. It would appear that the Mob Wives season premiere party is totally welcome to mobsters and their wives, but not to anyone from "urban culture." 

The season three premiere party was held at NYC's Frames Bowling Lounge. In a recent email obtained by RadarOnline, marketing manager Frayda Resnick (relation to Faye?!) sent an explicit email detailing who would be welcome on the guest list and what they could wear. 

Among the demands Frayda made: "no publicity relating to urban or hip hop culture and even said they wanted no rappers at their venue for the party." 

The email further details that the press is not to be made aware of this discrimination! "Please make sure there is no press leaked to any website or outlets that covers urban or hiphop events," says Frayda's email to  Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez, President of La Chic Media, who was running the party.


"That is not our target demographic and feel it would send the wrong message about our low-key venue…," Frayda adds. "We do not want any rappers or Love and Hip Hop artists."

So yeah… I'm still confused. Are felons and mobsters the "target demographic" for a "low-key venue"? Guess so! 

Frayda's demands get even more outrageous! She told VIBE reporter  April Dawn Ricchuito who RSVP'd as a guest of Ramona Rizzo that she was hearby not welcome to advertise the party in VIBE! 

"You are welcome to come, and we look forward to hosting you! Just one request: we absolutely do not want to be covered on your site, as we feel it is not our target demographic," Frayda informed her. "Please do not mention our venue on your VIBE site or HipHop Culture magazine."

April told Sibrena about the odd request saying, "It did not make me feel welcomed to come at all."

When star Karen Gravano got wind of the scandalous demands she issued this statement: 

"I'm completely outraged at Frames Bowling Lounge and especially at the management. I can't believe that in 2013 the ignorance of racism still exists. If I would have known prior to our contracts being signed I would have canceled."

"I would never subject my friends to this type of treatment. I have a bi-racial daughter and I do not condone discrimination of any kind."


Karen reveals that Frayda was difficult to deal with from day one. 

"When I was dealing with the manager, Frayda Resnick, it was about to go left real fast," she shares. "I'm trying to be the better person and not flip out on anyone but I was about to smash the b*tch in the face with her f**king bowling ball! I will never patronize that place nor would I recommend it to anyone that I know. The management and staff was rude, racists and disrespectful."

Frayda defends her behavior as just trying to appease the owners expectations of the event's publicity. "The MOB Wives event was set up as barter for positive press related to High Fashion, NYC Society and Gossip," she maintains. 

"We were specific when designing the barter as to which press outlets would receive the release, and what the story angle should be. The night was designed to be about hosts and guests having fun and relaxing at an upscale venue, for the premiere of a new Season of the hit reality show. Any other requested press angles, relating to attendees other than the 3 hosts, or alternate press outlets were respectfully declined." 

 Frayda also insists her "guest lists" demands were related to the dress code of an "upscale venue."

"Frames is a professional and meticulously run establishment, and we value patronage from all visitors, regardless of their race, gender, height, weight, professional background or ethnicity," Frayda asserts. "We have a strict dress code, and expect all guests of the venue to respectfully adhere to it. Our security staff is set up to deny access to any hostile or combative guests, and they performed as instructed."

So people like Jay-Z don't own suits, apparently… And furthermore has she SEEN the way some of the Mob Wives dress? <<shudder>> Her definition of "upscale" is clearly different than mine! 

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