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Bethenny Frankel is doing everything in her power to distract from this divorce drama, isn't she. The former Bethenny Ever After star who isn't so ever after happy anymore just announced she will be making her sitcom debut as a guest star in ABC's The Neighbors

Bethenny will essentially be playing herself. Entertainment Weekly reports that the episode titled “Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems” is shooting this week. Bethenny will star as a business mogul who helps launch Debbie Weaver’s handbag business.

The episode is expected to air in March or April. 


Bethenny confirmed the news on twitter. 

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In other news the woe-is-me publicity tour continues for Bethenny as she tries to throw snarky comments, talk show news, and MORE (yes, I can't believe it either!) Skinnygirl crap at us to distract from the fact that she is seeking full-custody and life insurance policies from soon-to-be-ex Jason Hoppy. I predict the next product will be Skinnygirl Prozac. 

Bethenny appeared on CBS Sunday Morning Today Gag and discussed how devastated she is that she was forced to file for divorce. 

"You can't kind of say to the audience, 'Oh, I'm a fairy princess and I was just whisked off into the night on a horse,' and not tell them the rocky parts," Bethenny reveals to hostess Tracy Smith. "I chose to share the highs. So I had to choose to share the lows."


Despite all her Skinnygirl emblazoned underwear being broadcast all over Bethenny has no regrets about exposing her life and marriage to reality TV.

"It was the best decision I ever made in my life," she maintains. Bethenny says she felt obligated to air her fights and marital break-downs as well. All in the name of being honest with her fans. Wait – is that why she lied about being lost at sea?

"I had to take my audience on this journey. And I really didn't feel like holding that much back from them. Once you're on that train, it's really difficult to slow the train down," Bethenny admits. 

"It was part of the deal. You go to work and you do things at your office that you don't really want to do," she confesses. "And you roll your eyes and you get frustrated, and you know, that's what happens when you're on reality TV."

Jason has still not issued any rebuttal in Bethenny's divorce filing and as early as yesteday was photographed still wearing his wedding ring in NYC. I'm sure Bethenny has already thrown her's over the Brooklyn Bridge. 

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