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Oh we love petty, don't we? After trying to glom onto Teresa Giudice's fitness/health empire by allegedly producing her own exercise videoMelissa Gorga is now trying to one-up Teresa's cooking. 

Is this intentional? Is she trying to give the copycat accusation credence to drum up publicity for the show?

Here's what happened. Yesterday Teresa took to twitter to post about meatballs – and as we all know meatballs are a sore subject (and one of hot debate) on Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 12.14.17 PM


And here is Joe Giudice, the meatball of Teresa's heart, making meatballs! 


Not to be outdone about six – was it even that long – seconds later, Melissa immediately hopped on twitter to talk about meatballs! Of course. 

"Frying the meatballs #italianstyle," she tweeted. And here are Melissa's meatballs:


Now, I get it she's probably just looking for some attention for season 5 and to keep that feud that keeps her name relevant going, but it's a little transparent. I suppose "I Just Wanna Be Teresa" is Melissa's theme song!

Or maybe Teresa and Melissa are working together and we're the fools! That gets my optimistic vote. 

I wonder whose meatballs Joe Gorga prefers: his mother's (and by default Teresa's) or his wife's! 

PS – Please spare us the Team Melissa/Team Teresa accusations. Sometimes the snark just writes itself and it's too good to pass up. Take a look through anything we've written on RHONJ and it is abundantly clear that we are equal distributors of both snark and praise. 🙂 

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