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There is a lot going on with the Georgia peaches today.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta are running the gamut from hilarious to the super serious.  We've got NeNe Leakes teaming up with the hysterical Betty White, and Kenya Moore speaking out against Phaedra Parks in her blog. 

On last night's "Betty White's Off Their Rockers" NeNe, as well as some of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies, joked around with the veteran funny lady in a show that had seniors pranking the younger generation.  Who doesn't adore Betty White?  Meanwhile, Kenya took major offense to Phaedra's accusations of being bipolar…and I don't blame her.  Mental illness isn't something to throw around all willy-nilly…it's a serious topic, and Kenya has clearly been learning all about it on WebMD so she has the proper ammunition against her co-star in their Booty Battle.

Let's start with something light though, shall we? 


According to the official NBC press release for Betty's new series, "The fun start[ed] off…with NeNe Leakes debating "best break-up songs" with Betty, and schooling the seven-time Emmy Award winner in the fine art of getting mad and throwing wine at people who annoy her."  Well, we all know there is no better teacher in art of champagne tossing than the Neenster.  I totally forgot to DVR it, so I can't say for certain whether NeNe told Betty to close her legs to married men…WIG!

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Moving on to the booty bipolar battle, Kenya has a lot to say.  While we all love to rag on Kenya (she makes it so easy–AND TWIRL!), the woman makes some extremely valid points.  Bipolar disorder is not a joke or an insult…it's serious.  If you've ever been close to someone who suffers from it, you know like I do that is can be very, very frightening. 

Kenya writes in her Bravo blog, "Agree or disagree, laugh or cry, hate or love… right is right and wrong is wrong. When a person deliberately maligns your reputation by starting vicious rumors about you to anyone who will listen, they are the one who has a problem. Undoubtedly with malice, Phaedra repeatedly and intentionally slanders and defames me with unfounded and untrue statements. All as punitive action when she learned of my intentions to make my own fitness video. I have never been drunk a day in my life. Yet Phaedra wants everyone to believe I “drink like a fish.” Phaedra asserts that she believes I am bipolar or have a chemical imbalance. The only thing that makes me “crazy” is that I ever believed this woman was my friend. She is a malicious, despicable human being, who intentionally sought to malign my reputation and harm my future business with her debasing lies."

Continuing her tirade, Kenya explains, "There are people who greatly suffer from mental illness and this is no laughing matter and certainly not one to be made a mockery of with terms like “bipolar” thrown around simply to humiliate or smear an individual for revenge.  MENTAL DISEASE IS NOT A JOKE.  Being bipolar is a lifelong disorder marked by great suffering from extensive depressive states that often are accompanied by suicidal thoughts most often successively followed by manic states presenting over two weeks or more. These symptoms are crippling and render the patient often unproductive or functional in daily life. I am none of the above. People have real and actual mental health issues, and I have seen the possibility of this from my own mother."

She adds, "I feel Phaedra’s atrocious mischaracterizations were especially cruel considering she was the only woman on the show I confided in regarding my lifelong struggles with my family regarding this. My mother literally tried to destroy me. But I’m still here and I’m thriving. And I’m not easily broken. Being emotional at times, reactionary, or angered does not make you are chemically imbalanced. It makes you human."  Amen to that.  And let's be honest, who wouldn't look a tad off their rocker (full circle!) if they had cameras following them around all the time.  Not to mention, the more drama you create on these shows, the more relevant you become.

"I believe I have seen Phaedra’s cold black heart. From her actions alone, this is a woman who will say anything and tell any lie in order to achieve a favorable outcome for herself. This must end. I believe people can see who she really is," Kenya shares. "With me, I don’t try to hide. I keep it real. It is what it is. That being said, when people show you who they are, believe them. Phaedra is a walking, talking hypocrite. She wants to say I’m unstable, however, in actuality, she is the one who looks shady and duplicitous obviously lying to hurt me because we had a business falling out."  That wasn't just a business falling out…that was booty versus booty! 

Finally, Kenya concludes, "Yes, I am dramatic and I wanted to make a point. STOP SPREADING YOUR VINDICTIVE LIES. Business is business. I never attacked Phaedra personally. For her to go to extremes to hurt me was uncalled for."

Of course, Kenya isn't the only one calling out some of Phaedra's antics on Sunday night's episode.  After Phaedra claimed she "kind of knew" Tyler Perry, NeNe tweeted, "So funny I asked @tylerperry if he knew Phaedra & he said he NEVER met her! What is wrong wit these girls?"  Oh Neenster…how I sometimes wish you would take the high road.  However, you have to respect her double cut…first, she gets to embarrass Phaedra by calling her out as lying, and second, she gets to remind everyone that she DOES know Tyler Perry.  These are grown women, right?  RIGHT?

Well, I guess that's why we watch, isn't it?  And we are all watching!  In fact, Bravo scored it's highest primetime ratings ever this past Sunday, with Bravo PR tweeting, "@BravoTV delivers its Best primetime ratings EVER Sunday night among total viewers & adults 25-54 #RHOA" 

RHOA viewers are no joke…just ask VH1 why they moved Mob Wives to a later time slot!


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