Here a lawsuit, there a lawsuit, everywhere a lawsuit! In Real Housewives of Beverly Hills land, anyway!

Yesterday it was announced that Paul Nassif is suing Adrienne Maloof's chef for attempting to extort and blackmail him by wrongfully accusing him of spousal and child abuse. 

Well since Bernie Guzman (aka Chef Bernie) is more desperate for 15 minutes of fame than I am for wine on tap and an unlimited french fry buffet, he's of course rushing to Adrienne's favorite tabloid RadarOnline to rebuttal. 

Paul is a 50-year-old man acting like a little boy,” Bernie whines. “He is trying to silence the violence and I’m not going to let him.” Bernie claims he is now the voice of domestic violence and he will fight this lawsuit. 


Paul has been trying to keep me quiet for a long time. My mom and my niece were victims of domestic violence and I’m not going to let that happen to anyone else that I care about," Bernie says. “I’m fighting for all those women out there who can’t fight for themselves.”

Paul's suit is seeking an injunction against Bernie from making further defamatory statements against him. He is also requesting "punitive damages in an amount sufficient to punish or make an example of Guzman, according to proof at trial,” and other costs.

A few months ago Bernie released photos alleging abuse of Adrienne at the hands of Paul. Paul's lawyer issued a cease-and-desist letter to remove the photos and demanded Bernie stop making libelous accusations against him which constituted slander.

Bernie allegedly responded by sending Paul the following text message: “Stop threatening me. Have you forgotten I witnessed you beat your wife…kids & animals. I have plenty of family photos…Some not so pretty. Stop telling Gavin nasty things about me. Everyone has moved on…stay away…I LOVE those kids more then you. Enough is enough.”

Paul is using these messages and others (not released) as substantiating proof that Bernie is threatening and attempting to blackmail him. 

Well Bernie – get your checkbook ready! And for someone who is allegedly abusing his children physically and verbally, as Adrienne and Bernie claimed, Adrienne sure didn't mind handing over 50/50 child custody to Paul in their divorce settlement! 

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