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Um… somebody's about to get his charred chicken handed right back to him on a silver platter. And that person is eternal Adrienne Maloof mouthpiece Chef Bernie!

TMZ reports that Paul Nassif has filed a lawsuit against Bernie Guzman for unspecified damages, claiming the chef blackmailed and extorted him –  and then slandered his reputation by falsely accusing him of spousal abuse!

Paul insists claims that he abused his Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star ex-wife are "outrageous and vicious lies." 


Chef Bernie has been in the thick of Maloof Hoof drama since day one. He famously accused Lisa Vanderpump of snubbing him (a charge Lisa vehemently denies).

Bernie was behind leaking photos of Adrienne with a bruised back during her divorce from Paul. Bernie claimed the so-called photos proved Paul was abusive to Adrienne. Bernie said Adrienne was "pushed to the ground. Punched and beaten. Now you know who and what he [Paul] really is… he is a beast!

Adrienne never denied the allegations as she was in the process of claiming Paul abused both her and their three children physically and emotionally in an attempt to win custody. The couple finally agreed on joint custody

The photos of the abuse were posted on Bernie's Facebook page as we heard no reputable news organization would pay for them and run them citing the liability factor. Desperate times, right Bernie!

Paul's suit says that after Bernie wrongfully and publicly accused him of abuse, he hired his attorneys to demand Bernie cease-and-desist with the false claims and photos! Which prompted Bernie to text Paul "Stop harassing me… Have you forgotten I witnessed you beat your wife… Kids & animals. I have plenty of family photos… Some not so pretty… Stay away…" 

Paul believes Bernie was threatening him against denying the charges or accusing Bernie of lying or else he would release more so-called damaging photos and allegations.  

No comment from Bernie thus far. 

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