Andy Cohen oughtta just offer Beyonce a job on Real Housewives of Atlanta already!

Kenya Moore has made much ado about how people confuse her for Beyonce and to prove their similarities, Krayonce recently released a song called "Gone With The Wind Fabulous." 

Following her epic Super Bowl half-time performance, Inside Edition asked Beyonce how she felt about the big show. Her response: "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" and she added a twirl and a smirk. Video proof is below! 


Hear that? That whooshing noise… That's the sound of Kenya's ego inflating to dastardly proportions. Oh heaven help us! Someone in the Bravo casting department just got a serious pay raise. Watch out – Andy (and NeNe Leakes) cause they're coming for you! 

"What can the haters say now?” "Any questions?"-Bey… Exactly!," Kenya tweeted. Well looks like former Miss WHO-S-A is getting some recognition. As for the rest of the cast, well… I'm sorry. 

So do we think Krayonce will be performing at next year's half time show?!

In other Kenya news, she's apparently found some poor sucker desperate enough to date her! He must be a Beyonce fan. Or he's also Krayonce. 

When a fan asked her on twitter if she was searching for a man to sucker into marriage and procreate with, Kenya replied: “Yes, but will not be dating opportunistic lying groupies this time.”

Oh good lord. Will it never stop? 

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