Last night Kenya Moore sat herself down on Watch What Happens Live and talked Walter Jackson, the issues on Real Housewives of Atlanta and how she was perceived on the show. Kenya insists: "I'm not crazy! Walter encouraged me to move [to Atlanta]. He seemed like he wanted a wife." 

"You can't fake emotions," Kenya maintains. "If he was playing games, I wasn't playing games." Uh huh – I think actresses can and do fake emotions all the time, and doesn't Kenya fancy herself an actress? 

And after she did that talking bit that we all don't care about, Kenya did the for real important thing and that was to perform LIVE! Yes, LIVE! her new song "Gone With The Wind Fabulous." Is anyone else failing to see what exactly is so fabulous about GWTW? Has Kenya seen the movie? Read the book?


While Kenya did not, unfortunately, perform wearing a dress made of curtains (cause that truly would have been Gone With The Wind Fabulous) she did perform a lot of twirls and spoken word deliveries. You can check it out for yourself below. #Twirl! I have to admit this was pretty amazing and awesome in a sheerly kitschy way.  

You can also catch a  video of Kenya defending, yet again, her relationship with Walter. And she claims it's as real as her booty. 

Updated to add: Walter took to Twitter last night, imploring with Andy Cohen to let him PROVE that Kenya is lying about their relationship! "Hi , I am willing to come on your show and prove that we hadn't seen or talked to each other until the show started taping."

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TELL US – Kenya's song: Gone With The Wind Fabulous or needs to be Gone With The Wind? Do you still not believe Kenya and Walter's relationship was real?