Oh sweet lord Jesus, save us all from these two deplorable famewhores! In the latest travail of Jenelle Evans and the life she can't control (is this girl a Lifetime Movie plot or what?!) she and Courtland Rogers are taking allllll their dirty laundry to the media and twitter cause you know they got nothing else going on. Might I suggest getting a job! It really helps fill-up the day. 

First of all, in case you weren't aware Courtland was in the hospital on suicide watch, claiming he couldn't deal with Jenelle leaving him. He has since found that "no girl is worth taking your own life."  

The Teen Mom 2 star was fine with his hospitalization, because "a source" ran to RadarOnline claiming she was afraid of her ex. 

Jenelle is terrified that Courtland is going to come after her when he gets out,” the source reveals. “She knows he wants to talk to her and probably see her, and he knows where she is usually so she’s afraid that he is going to do something stupid and confront her in person.” 


Jenelle has claimed Courtland was abusive and six assualt charges were filed against him related to her allegations. Jenelle has said she wants an annulment of the marriage (even though her attorney said tht's not likely to happen!) and perhaps she is setting this up so she can secure one. 

Well Courtland is now out of the hospital and he's claiming Jenelle was supposed to pick him up, but never showed up! 

This ignited a twitter war between the two with a whole host of new allegations; including that Jenelle is back together with ex, Gary Head (whom she is living with, claiming they're just friends). And that Gary has been cheating on Jenelle so now she is running back to Courtland. She predictably denies it all, claming she never "lies". Really? Oh, ok. 

Jenelle in return accuses Courtland of hooking up with his ex, Taylor Lewis, who is the mother of his daughter. Are you following so far? Taylor and Jenelle have had a zillion twitter fights themselves.

Through it all, Courtland continues to profess his love for fame Jenelle



Jenelle has since deleted the tweets, but luckily they'll be perserved forever in our archives! Oh the chronicles of Jenelle….  What pray tell do we think she is going away for 30 days for? Rehab!

Unfortunately we may just be stuck with their twitter-bickering for at least a year, because Jenelle's attorney says that's how long it takes to procure a divorce in North Carolina. Oh why?

[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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