I want y'all to think back to a simpler time…a time when neighbors were friends, and they washed Cornish game hens in dish washing soap and had dinner parties together.  A time before the skies grew dark, and one friend with blue hair feathers got mad at another satin cloaked friend for not having her satin cloaked daughter's bachelorette party at feather-mane's casino.  I miss those days.  NOT!  While I generally don't enjoy conflict (it makes me super uncomfortable), there is something about the Lisa Vanderpump/Adrienne Maloof feud that is oh, so entertaining.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars used to be pals, but now there's an unfair fight brewing in the tabloids.  A now fired Adrienne is taking every opportunity to badmouth her former friend, and she should have learned long ago that talking smack about Lisa never ends well for the smack talker.  Lisa is smart enough not to start any drama, but when it comes her way, she silences it with some biting and witty remarks that make said smack talker look like an idiot.  And let's be honest, shall we?  Adrienne is already struggling with her image, and her new plan of spewing hate on Lisa's restaurant Villa Blanca is quickly backfiring. 


After an insane third season, a high profile divorce, a May-December romance, and Bravo firing, Adrienne has revealed plans to open a restaurant just blocks from Lisa's famed Villa Blanca.  Apparently, Adrienne isn't worried about the competition.  In fact, she's railing on the place she once frequented as a diner.

TMZ caught up with Lisa to get her thoughts on Adrienne calling Villa Blanca a "disaster" and rating it a 2 out of 10.  Sadly, Lisa didn't take the high road, saying that she wasn't aware of Adrienne's plans, but that she had just seen pictures in Star Magazine which were allegedly before Adrienne's plastic surgery.  Lisa quipped that the photos gave her the best laugh she's had in a long time.  That was way harsh, Tai Lisa! 

Toning down her inner Mean Girl, Lisa also spoke to Rumor Fix about Adrienne's recent comments.  She tells the site, “[Adrienne] seems to have enjoyed dining at Villa Blanca at my expense so I don’t see why she would give it a 2 out of 10.”

Lisa continues, “The more restaurants in Beverly Hills the better. I support everybody bringing their business ventures into Beverly Hills. But I don’t support continuous or slanderous attacks against my character.”

According to the site, Villa Blanca serves approximately 700 people daily, and is a staple of Beverly Hills.  The restaurant also aids All Saints Episcopal Church in feeding the homeless every Monday.  I am not surprised by Lisa's goodwill or the fact that she doesn't advertise her restaurant's good deeds. 

Lisa does, however, have some choice words regarding Adrienne.  She asserts, “I don’t feel threatened by anything by what Miss Maloof does."

Lisa is growing tired of Adrienne's digs in the media.  She says, “It’s getting really rather wearisome. I admit she’s licking wounds after getting fired. Attacking me isn’t the solution, but investing in Beverly Hills I support wholeheartedly.” 

You have to love that last line…Lisa is the queen of backhanded compliments!


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