All season long we've been trying to find out information on the viewer numbers and ratings for Big Rich Atlanta. Normally, when numbers are low you won't find them on any of the typical lists and this was the case with B.R.A.

We assumed the numbers were weak, but we were pretty shocked to see just how low they've been!  Style Network was thrilled with the season finale viewership, as it was up 45%.  The typical episodes on Sunday nights were averaging just 103,000 viewers, while the finale brought in 205,000.  When you put those numbers up against some of the shows that are considered flops on Bravo, the Bravo shows were a smashing success! 


I'll admit that I loved a few things about Big Rich Atlanta and had high hopes for it.  I blame some of the low numbers on the network-bashing that several of the cast members did throughout the season.  A few of them made sure to let anyone who'd listen know that Style lied on cast bios, faked scenes (including the faux country club and fake pageant studio), gave them bad editing and more.  So, really, why tune in?  It takes the fun out of it.  At least Big Rich Texas acknowledges that there is some soft scripting going on and their cast doesn't cry foul at every turn.  The BRT crew has a lot of fun with it and they don't take themselves too seriously.

A few of the B.R.A. cast members could use some training on how to deal with being in the reality TV spotlight if they plan to jump into other reality projects.  It's not for whiners nor for those who want to have fans falling at their feet without any negativity aimed at them. And you can't email media outlets with crazy threats every single time something less than positive is written…

Note to Style: please consider a spin-off show with Harvin, MeyerAnandi, Meagan and a few others, as they embraced the crazy and we love them for it!

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