Unsurprisingly, Teresa Giudice is "flipping out" about something!

In light of several episodes exposing Teresa's kids as seemingly wild and overly exposed to family drama, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is angry that she is being portrayed as a 'bad mom'. 

"Teresa is afraid that she’s being shown in a bad light, especially in her interactions with her children," a source reveals to RadarOnline. "Teresa is flipping out. She is a good mom and she’s worried about how she’s starting to look when she asks her kids about family drama." 


"She doesn’t want anyone to think she isn’t a great mother … So far when she’s been shown with her daughters she is afraid she’s coming across as getting them way too involved in the family drama."

Is that because they are too involved in family drama!? Gia is twelve going on 30 – she should not be her mother's confidante or advisor! 

Moving on, Caroline Manzo shares that she is surprised by some of the things unfolding so far this season and she is ready for the more positive episodes to come our way. "At this point, it's still a recap of what last year was. So, for me I look at it and I get nauseous and I just want it to go away. So, I'm excited to see it move forward."

"Teresa and I have a very strange relationship where we're able to battle, but also sit on a couch together with an understanding of each other," Caroline explains to TV Guide of the sit-down she had with Teresa. "I wasn't at all worried about meeting her [one-one this season] and I don't think she was at all worried about going to meet me."

One person whose behavior has disappointed Caroline thus far is Melissa Gorga. "I was definitely very surprised and hurt by it because it was never addressed to me," she says of Melissa commenting that Caroline should butt-out of their family drama. 

"I wish it was because I would've explained myself. She said time after time, 'Don't put me in the middle of it,' so I just respected her feelings. But it's not something I'm going to dwell on. She certainly has a right to feel the way she feels."

Tonight is a new episode of RHONJ. Teresa and Poison get into a huge argument in the process of healing their relationship. Strangely it takes place in the gym everyone seems to be a member of but has never seen each other actually exercising in. What is this gym? A vortex? A black hole? 

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