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Jacqueline Laurita may or may not be crazy. Seriously – I wonder.

On last week's episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline gave us more ammunition for thinking she made need sedatives when she freaked out on Teresa Giudice in a boutique and then announced that she thinks Teresa needs an intervention. Um… transference, much? 

In her Bravo blog Jacqueline laughs off her insanity. Am I the only one who's concerned? But she also talks about how she was feeling at the time and makes some valid points about Teresa's behaviors and motivations. Is the therapy paying off, Jacqs?

On Teresa's Family Issues & The Retreat: 

"It just seemed odd to me that, miraculously, Teresa wanted to make an effort to resolve everything with her family, after I had been trying to make that happen for two years prior! Why now? I wasn't buying into the sincerity of it all," Jacqueline begins. 


At the time, I felt like it was all for show and not for real. On top of that, I was getting increasingly annoyed, because I heard that Teresa kept talking about me behind my back saying I was stalking her at 'her' gym and blaming me for all of her family fighting. I somehow became the a–hole, and I felt like Teresa wasn't taking any accountability for any of her own actions to cause the rift in her family."

"Everyone was annoying me so much about going on this retreat! I felt like this was more about Teresa mending things with her family and I had no place going there. I would only be a distraction. I also didn't want to invite Teresa back into my life again at that time."

On Fighting With Teresa In The Boutique:  

"When I heard Teresa on the phone say, out of her own mouth, that it was my fault she and her family were fighting, I couldn't hold back anymore. I grabbed the phone from Kathy and asked Teresa to stop saying that to everyone and to take some accountability for her part in that mess. It escalated pretty quickly from there."

Jacqueline dismisses their phone screaming match as just a silly incident. I'm sure her fellow-shoppers disagree. "It got pretty heated and out of control on both ends. It was a ping-pong match of insults," she says. "Looking back, we both sounded and acted a little silly, but when you're in the moment, everything just flows out. LOL!" LOL! 

"I was still so hurt and upset by the whole thing and my suppressed feelings and frustrations were starting to come to the forefront," Jacqueline explains. "I am sorry that Kathy got caught in the crossfire, but hey, I've been caught in theirs before as well."

On Teresa's Role In The Cheating Allegation Against Melissa:

As for Teresa being caught up in the latest allegation against Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline doesn't think it was a coincidence!

"When I heard Teresa had been with those catty girls she called her friends talking about Melissa, I couldn't help but go back to what I knew last year. It appeared to me that Teresa was playing innocent again and letting her 'soldiers,' as I called them, be her voice, in order to expose Melissa or make up lies about her in a way that would ensure nobody would like her or buy her new book."

"I kept thinking that if Teresa knew that these girls were on national TV trash talking her sister-in-law with those defaming accusations that she would want absolutely nothing to do with these girls again," Jacqueline reminds us. "It's one thing to listen to them behind closed doors, but this salacious gossip was obviously being spread nationwide. Instead, it seemed as though Teresa embraced them."

"I guess it confused me and made me wonder why Teresa remained so close with these girls when she was always preaching loyalty to family. It just didn't seem like she was playing by her own rules," Jacqueline adds. Good point! 

And Finally – Kim D: 

"Teresa's bestie, Kim D., can definitely stir up trouble at times, but she will own up to what she's done when confronted and almost always apologizes for it."

"She's actually not a bad person once you get to know her," Jacqueline insists. "She can make me giggle at times.When you talk to her, you understand her. Every single one of us, including Melissa, still shop at her store, Posche."

Jacqueline warns us to stay tuned as we'll be surprised how things turn out. I frankly cannot wait!

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