Sunday night ratings round up time! Let's see what y'all were lending your viewership to!

We, of course, were parked squarely in front of Real Housewives of New Jersey to see the big Melissa Gorga cheating allegation. And if you're anything like us you turned off your TV right after to avoid Princesses: Long Island

Unfortunately for Bravo, no one much cared about Melissa's ex-bridesmaid's vendetta or Teresa Giudice's tacit agreement that maybe, possibly, perhaps Melissa never left the Lookers lifestyle cheated! Ratings remained steady from last week, bringing in 2.1 million viewers again. I predict a whole lot more of you will be tuning in to see the big Joew vs Joew brawl; aka Poison Vs. Jr. Mafia Joew: Riot At The Retreat. 


Moving on to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the allure of a totally wasted Kris Jenner TPing a totally cranky and self-absorbed Kim Kardashian's house was massive. Viewership increased again, pulling in 2.5 million people. STOP WATCHING – DO NOT PROVOKE THEM! 

And finally, despite needing a Drink Hanky for her haterade, Ashlee's crusade against Joey Lauren and Chanel's massive meltdown did not make anyone watch Princesses. They, once again, failed to crack the Top 100 cable shows.

Ouchy, ouchy, ouchy. Maybe they can mop up their cancelation tears on Daddy's credit card receipts! Or one of Chanel's many old bridesmaid dresses… 

Below we have the breakdown of each week since their premieres.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

6/2 – 2.84

6/9 – 2.45

6/16 – 2.13

6/23 –  2.41

6/30 – 2.1

7/7  – 2.1

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

6/2 – 3.02

6/9 – 2.46

6/16 – 2.11

6/23 –  2.2

6/30 – 2.3

7/7 – 2.55

Princesses: Long Island

6/2 – 1.2 million

6/9 – 887,000

6/16 – 780,000

6/23 – 925,000

6/30 – Did not rank in Cable Top 100

7/7 – Once again not in Top 100

Photo Credit: Bravo TV


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