Bravo Events - 2013

Alright Real Housewives of New Jersey lovers, tonight the shizz is about to go. down. And I really mean it cause it would appear that the Joew on Joew action gets ruthless. Oh Bravo – keeping it classy as always!

Before we get to all that hot messitude, Caroline Manzo is here to answer fans' burning questions. Burning like gonorrhea? In a new interview Caroline says that fan questions is what led to her writing a book and she tried to address their inquiries in the self-help/tell-all Let Me Tell You Something… 

We're still talking 'bout Caroline's book? Isn't that old news at this point and being eclipsed by Kathy's upcoming cookbook?


"I had a lot of laughs… I had a good time with it," Caroline tells the Bristol Observer. “It’s my voice.” Caroline says fans wanted to see more of her sense of humor in the book, something she doesn't often express on the show. 

Caroline also shares anecdotes she and her family have experienced filming RHONJ. “It’s surreal," she says of the notoriety the show has brought. “People can relate to us. We’re everybody. Everyone seems to know someone like the characters on the show."

As for the rest of the season there's "a lot" of surprises. "You haven't seen anything yet," Caroline cautions. Well I'll tell you what I haven't seen enough of: Joe beating the poison out of other Joew. Good old fashioned fun right there!

Tonight the Gorgadice families (plus the Wallpapers) head to a retreat in a castle and things get positively medieval when the husbands go crazy. Of course Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are right in the middle of it. We really don't care what else happens cause we'll be chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight" at the TV and have a betting pool going over who wins. 

Oh, I've also got the wine chilled and the popcorn ready. Party at my place! Or at the very least on twitter because Reality Tea will be treating this like a Pay-Per-View boxing championship and live-tweeting every last blow. Oh this is going to be Juicy! (Pun intended). 

[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Bravo]


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