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Melissa Gorga hasn't commented on Teresa Giudice's indictment situation, but tonight on WWHL she declared that she's got Teresa's back and that the kids are the #1 priority.  Melissa also claimed that no one believes the cheating allegations Jan is accusing her of next week, so she doesn't want to give it attention.

Melissa on the Real Housewives of New Jersey family retreat: "It was so stressful. we went from rock bottom to hugging it out to drinking. I was so relieved that it was better. I feel like we are better together and I fee like everyone likes to see us together anyway.  It's just more fun. It's better, it's easy.  We have a lot in common, as much as we don't have in common, we have stuff in common as well. We just have a good time together."


Melissa says she has talked with Teresa since the indictment news went public, "Yes, I've reached out and spoke to Teresa since. She knows I have her back. The kids are the #1 priority and that's what Joe and I are always here for no matter what."

Melissa shared that she doesn't want to give any attention to Jan's accusations and that nobody is buying it.  "It's amazing what people will do for attention.  I refuse to give it attention because it's that ridiculous.  It's one of those things that no one's buying it and no one believes it anyway. It's her attempt to come on and get attention."

When asked about how she felt when Milania made the stripper pole comment on tonight's episode, Melissa says Milania didn't know what she was saying.  "She's an innocent child.  Sometimes they repeat things that they hear and I don't think they even know what they're saying. I hope she never saw one in real life so I'm assuming she doesn't really know what it is."

Some people were shocked at the amount of makeup Gia was putting on and a fan wanted to know if Melissa would let her daughter do that at 12.  "No. I wasn't allowed. I know times have changed. Maybe [I’d allow] like some lip gloss.  My dad would have a heart attack and take a washcloth and wipe it off if I tried."

Melissa also vehemently denied the nose job rumors and says it's all owed to her makeup artist's skills.

Stay tuned because our source reached out to us the minute WWHL was over to blast a few of Melissa's claims on the show tonight, calling them out as outright lies….  Never a dull moment!


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